A Letter to Christian Grey

Dear Mr. Grey

                    You may not know me but I definitely know half of your story. Your Love Story. And I am definitely in Awe, I don’t know how to express my feelings so instead im sending this Letter to you. How can you treat women like that? I am not judging you as what you are, I am just asking how you get to be so dominant and Hot at the same time. No wonder Ms. Steele can’t say No to everything you ask for. you are attractive and smart, your humor and your ideas just makes my heart melts, every girls would love to beg if that’s what you want. You turn on every women who reads your sentences, you say one word and i get aroused then i began to question myself “am i really that speedy?”. When it comes to men, i have a lot of things to consider in my checklist, i have the qualities for sure, but then when i read your story, i looked at my checklist and thought to myself maybe my Basis are Boring, there’s a lot of realizations, a lot of thinking when it comes to sexually-involved ideas, but what you actually taught me is how to Love Unconditionally, there is no Boundaries when it comes to it, love is powerful, it can change every single thing you have inside or outside of you. I thought my life is complete and that Im contented until your story came and it changed everything i believed. You got this positive side on you that you influence others but you don’t realize it. Im glad Ms. Steele is there to pick your brain out when you think you aren’t. You both deserve each other. so here’s to me looking for my own Christian Grey. CHEERS!





The Year of Coming Back


Several months ago, i have decided to stop blogging for awhile, mainly because i have things that i need to organize such as my life. haha. i don’t mean to sound it this funny, but i have my other job, my work, my passion and when they all come at the same time, all you could ever notice is that you are running out of time. but i am happy to let you know guys that whatever is the reason of me leaving before to finish some errands has finally done successfully and i can finally go back to blogging!

3 years ago, i have decided that Blogging is something that i wanted to do. i have been posting whatever i could think of for the last 3 years, i have my ups and downs just like a normal bloggers life. i have been moving in different places, i have been searching and experiencing, and i am happy that i came up to this decision to finally upgrade the profile, but it didn’t quite well work. so now, 2017 finally arrived, i am happy to announce to everyone that i will be launching my new blog soon as  littlemissmonroe.com. i know, some of you might think that i can’t even handle this one blog and now i have another one, well that’s because of opportunities, i have this plans and ideas for the future and i needed something that would lead me to that without letting my This Blog falling off my hands.


I will still be posting on this blog. you know how much i love to read and how much i love to watch movies, and still the reviews will be there, BUT, there will be no more Kitchen Confessions instead i will be replacing it with something more better, and that is what you should stay tune on my next journey in my new Site!


Movies and Books to Cry On

We all have Different Personalities. Some people can cry easily over little things, some have a cold-stone heart meaning it takes forever to make you cry, in my case, im in the middle part (if that make sense), It takes awhile before you can make me tear-up. But, this Movies and Books was a tear-jerker that made me felt sad next thing I know, im tearing my eyeballs out!!



This movie really made me cry like a baby! most especially the part when her dad died, everything made sense, everything just turned into something. I was tearing up to the fact that she used to hate her dad for not staying in the Family since the separation. it’s quite a bit unbelievable sometimes how movies can make you feel dumb for not knowing what to happen next.





You’re a Liar if you say you didn’t atleast tear up in one of the scenes in this movie. As a Kid, watching this cartoon movie is fun and exciting, it is filled with animals in the jungle, you learn the different kinds of animals in their. But if you watch it as an Adult, the feelings and the experience is totally different, you realize the true essence and the true meaning of a fathers sacrifice for his kids and also the weird thing is the part when The King died to save his son and you started tearing up, that’s how you know you’re growing up. it’s crazy because this animals that we used to memorize their names when we were kids, are the animals who will teach us the meaning of Hakuna Matata as an Adult.


This one is a Korean Movie, and im telling you, I have never seen such kid who acts like that!! it was really one of the best foreign movies I have ever watched, the whole point of the movie touched my heart. Usually when we say Korean or Chinese movies, the first thing that pops up from our brain is “shaolin” or anything magical from ancient dynasty, but this one is different. Talk about Comedy, drama, love story, all together pact in one movie, geez, I don’t even know how I survived watching this movie without my heart saying “hey, mind going for a little break?”.





After reading ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by the same author, I thought to myself, ‘this author might have other stories to impress me’, I googled, and found out about this book, I would admit, I am not impressed by the title, it is not the kind of catchy title, but I swear to all the angels, I felt something good about this book. I was reading it for a week and all my doubts and all my cons about it disappeared. On the better side, i Cried. yeap. you read it right, folks! i didn’t expect the way the events turned, and i don’t even know what to expect in the first place anyways. and i said to myself ‘john green proved you huh’.


ujykfI can remember when this movie first came out. I can’t forget the soundtrack and some few important and memorable scenes. But when i read its book, (here we go again) i Cried! i didn’t cry watching the movie, i don’t know why, my cousins does everytime we watch it. maybe because books are different from movies, although they may have the same plot and the same point of the story but you know sometimes when moviemakers changes some little things. i cried when she walk in the isle on a wheelchair, she still did it even if she almost felt like dying. what can i say about this book? SPEECHLESS. i don’t blame myself if i didn’t do a book review of this awhile ago, it is hard to talk about something that hit you harder. Bookworms out there, im calling your name out, this is true, right??



This one didn’t turned out fairly, but the story, AGAIN MADE ME CRY! if you have read the book review i made about this few years ago (which is not that clear, and i apologize for a very lack of sense) you would know how im so into the story, not just it, but the two people themselves. i felt like im in the story, im inside the book with them, i felt like  was definitely in the state where i would collapse everytime the Climax of the story happens. oh geez, i am so into this books, sometimes it feels so dangerous.



The Vow |Movie Review


it is never too late to realize your worth in a relationship. Love lasts a Lifetime, it will never fades, the feeling will never go away, unless your heart desires to.

this kind of movies always leaves me speechless everytime!! the Love story itself really does amazes me, its not about the characters who played the role, but the love story, Just Wow. its the kind of story you wont even think it exist, it is phenomenal, different, and it fits the young and the adults.

Moving on to the characters, I couldn’t think of any word that would describe the best of how they portrayed every roles. But ofcourse, expect the extraordinary from Rachel Mcadams who have caught my heart since the movie “The Notebook”, yes, not the Mean Girls, and Channing Tatum, like seriously, that jaw? irresistible! Their acting, the scenes, perfect, I have seen everything that I have imagined before watching this movie, tho im like few years late, but its better that than never.



Mike and Dave needs More than just a Wedding Date! |Movie Review


If you have read or seen my Kitchen Confessions yesterday, you probably have idea that I am having a movie review today. it is kind of late posting this according to my schedule, but, oh well, it happens eh?

The Movie. what can I say? aah! *long pause* HOTROCKINGAWESOME!!!! I have never laughed that much in a movie for so long. Adam Sandler is a legend when it comes to comedies, this two, definitely equaled to an Adam Sandler. I don’t know what I am expecting when I was just sitting inside the cinema waiting for the movie to play, but I just didn’t see myself laughing so hard that time. if you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would give you a “GO” signal right now, at this very moment, right now!!!

And also, I would like to give love to Adam Devine for being such a great comedian, sorry, that’s not true, Smart Comedian I mean. Have you seen the Bloopers at the end?? that’s the Proof of how intelligent this whole thing is! I’m also tryna tell you that please stay at the very end until the bloopers, I don’t really say this everytime, but this is hell of a something!!!


Random Questions Challenge! (Day 1)|GUEST POST

1. Favourite movie and what is it about: 
I don’t really have a FAVOURITE MOVIE, because I believe that every or most of them have something that could wake another part of myself up in some way. What I mean is that things they say or what they do actually mean something more to me than they were supposed to in the first place…
I chose two movies that I love and I am going to talk about both of them, don’t worry haha!


A. The breakfast club
Five teenagers meet up in detention. Despite their differences, problems or past they end up pouring their hearts out to each other and realise that they actually do have a lot of things in common. I love this movie because it points out the fact that teenagers are victims of society. We all try to be something, be great, make everyone happy and if we don’t we are just lazy bums that cause trouble everywhere we go.

 ”Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…
 …and an athlete…
…and a basket case…
 …a princess…
…and a criminal…
Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.”
B. Dirty Dancing
Baby, daddy’s girl that is expected to finish college, save the world and marry a doctor, falls in love with the dance instructor in a summer resort. His name is Johnny and his life has absolutely nothing to do with hers… After her father finds out what has been going on between them, he bans his daughter from seeing him ever again. That was until the final dance! This movie is one of my favourites because secretly I wish I was baby… Secretly I wish I lived back then, in this generation, with this kind of people… And secretly I wish I could dirty dance with a man like Johnny… Okay Nina, it’s time to stop day dreaming and continue writing, don’t you think?
Lessons learnt after watching ”Dirty dancing”:
-Always reserve judgment only after you have all the facts.
– Nobody puts Baby in the corner (In my head I am baby and I deserve some attention – good lesson because in my previous relationships I was a bit of a background noise , OOPS!)
2. Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality
Let me highlight a few of the Sagittarius’ trades.
Independent and unemotional.
Crave adventure and excitement. Need for change. Freedom is so important that they sometimes turn down opportunities because of the commitment required – soooo true. I’ve spend most of my time in high school dodging ”opportunities”!
Excellent friends, encouraging, positive, kind.
They treat others the way they want to be treated and they always say what is in their mind. – this sometimes leads to disappointments…
Running late – ALWAYS!
Could be anything, writers, actors, comedians…. anything that doesn’t tie them down.
They perform best in pressure – in 3 months time I managed to get a praise at school. Yes, I don’t know how this happened.
If you bore them, they’ll move on and they wont even feel sorry.
 To be honest after reading all this, I don’t feel there is a reason to describe myself to anyone anymore. I’ll be like ”Go read about my horoscope and you’ll know all about me”.
GUEST COLLABORATION POST by https://freespiritctw.wordpress.com/
Stay reading until her next post this coming wednesday
and Please check out the article I wrote doing this Challenge on her Blog site starting next week! just click the link above and you’ll be directed to her Blog Site. THANKS!

what DORY actually Taught us…


Dory is a very easy example of having Short-term memory loss, easy for the kids to know and as well for some adults. But Dory didn’t just taught us how to “Keep Swimming”, she also made us realize one thing that was pretty much forgotten by the Youth…


Family is one of the best Blessings you could ever receive. No matter how chaos it is at home all the time, or how unorganized it is, it will always be your home, it will always be a safe place. You guys might be thinking “OK! what’s the whole point of this Article?! I don’t even know why im reading this!”, My Point is that, I feel bad looking at some Families who have everything, every single material things you can see online or at Home Depot, they have it, but they don’t even get their kids to respect them, while the families who have nothing, who only have a house and a plate to eat to, has the Best Smiles in their face all the time and they are thankful, because even without lots of plates they can still work it out. There is more better in Life than having the whole Home Depot merchandise, and only few can see that now and I feel bad about it because it is not how it supposed to be.


Just by looking at this picture makes me think that you will be you by the way your parents raised you. Dory raised by her Parents very well that even with Memory Loss, she was still able to remember Good things. Like, didn’t you notice? Dory mostly remembered the Good Part about her Parents. Now, let’s say your kid have short-term Memory Loss, and one day she was wandering around the city without your knowledge that she’s not there anymore and she couldn’t remember her way home? if she could remember a little bit and have a glimpse of her past, what good memory do you think she’ll remember about you as a Parent? (Don’t answer me nothing. puhleasse). Spend time with them as much as you can, you never know what will happen. And im not talking only about kids, I talk to every ages in general. 16 years old and up, doesn’t spend that much of time at home anymore, why do you think is that so? they find the outside world or the Public more safe or much better than Home. isn’t that sad?? (and then there goes Pokémon Go, geesh.) and some parents give them curfew which means they’re allowed to be outside until 12 midnight or so (mostly parents I know gives curfew until midnight) THAT IS CRAAZZY!! there’s a lot of things can happen from 6pm to 12am! in some Asian countries, your child should be at home Before 6!(well unless she’s in school or at work or she’s out with her friends which have the parents consent) like seriously? 12 midnight curfew for 16-year-old kid, NUTS.

jhfh.pngOn the Bright side, teach your kid how to be Dory, she’s confident despite of her flaws, she’s determined that everything happens for a reason (more like she can remember something for a reason) and that Bonding with your Family is a MUST. atleast we are lucky to have our parents who got our back all the time, we have them to guide us and protect us, just think about street children, kids who haven’t even seen their biological parents. you are lucky enough that you get to spend Christmas and new year and thanksgiving with them, spend time as much as you can because nothing last forever.