My Story |Marilyn Monroe


just like the other books that I have reviewed, I don’t know what to say about this book. Speechless if I may to describe it but its the truth. I have come to meet the true beauty of her personality. what this book had offered me was the actual Norma Jean and not Marilyn Monroe. I have met her, I have been with her, I feel like I was floating back to her time when everybody doesn’t want her and I was there the whole time, listening to her. how can somebody neglect a person as precious as her??  she may be a sex symbol but she never easily gave in herself to the boys whose after her. some would just look at her and ask her to marry them, but instead of blushing, she made her thinking abilities work. she’s the top people I look up to, she inspires me. what the magazines exposed is nothing compared to what Marilyn Monroe have actually written. it’s a glimpse of her life on the way to the top. and I can’t help to say that I was there because that’s how it feels like.

the only thing that I never liked about this Book is that the last written sentence which is, “this is where the manuscript ended when Marilyn handed it to me” -Greene



BookHaul!! Love stories and Marilyn Monroe????


You know that situation when you just tell yourself that you need to see something Online and ended up Buying Bunch, that’s what happened to me last week. Sometimes, when I order online and I do it at night and I forgot what I bought the next morning until you received an email of your order confirmation that’s what you call “sleep buying” <lol>. So anyways, since I am proud to say that I don’t sleep walk but I do sleep buying, I will show to you what’s on my parcel in short, what I Bought!

1.) The Notebook


    Legend! I have watched the movie of this million times and I am not sick nor tired of it. And yes, I haven’t read the book ever since. just before I bought this, I saw some video clips on youtube about the deleted scenes of the movie and it made me feel unsatisfied of what I’ve been watching for years! I totally understand that they couldn’t put everything in the movie, but what if there’s something in the book that is more different than the movie, like what if the essence that I see in the movie is actually different in the book. I don’t know, im weird. Hahaha

2.) Looking for Alaska


      This one I’ve read already few years back. But I read it on my ebook so this time I want an actual book, how it feels and how it smells (if you’re a bookworm you’d understand my feeling). I probably even did a book review of this way back in 2013, I am not so sure. But anyways, I am so excited to read this one again.

3.) The Last Song


      Okay, tell me I am not being such a Nicholas Sparks Sick. But his books are too good not to read, even the movies are blockbusters, so why not buy two of his greatest works, right? It is definitely one of the movies that made me cry. I remember sitting on my dormitory bed and just sob the whole time. Yes, it’s good and bad memories. Haha

4.) Marilyn Monroe


     I have never really shown so much respect and admiration to any Local or Hollywood stars before until I read Marilyn Monroe’s struggle to become the most anticipated stars of the lifetime. I have been buying dozens of magazines about her, read them and process them in my mind, there are different stories, different versions, and when I finally decided to buy a book of her life story, I have, again, Checklist in my mind of what to consider in choosing the right book about her. These two over here just caught my eye as soon as I scroll down, I have been reading good book reviews about it, and that’s one of my considerations. I am actually reading the “My Story…” and so far I am in Awe, it just never fails.


All the books that was used in this Blog was bought through my own will and from my own pocket. There is no Sponsors or whatsoever happening, I hope there is though <lol>

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A Letter to Christian Grey

Dear Mr. Grey

                    You may not know me but I definitely know half of your story. Your Love Story. And I am definitely in Awe, I don’t know how to express my feelings so instead im sending this Letter to you. How can you treat women like that? I am not judging you as what you are, I am just asking how you get to be so dominant and Hot at the same time. No wonder Ms. Steele can’t say No to everything you ask for. you are attractive and smart, your humor and your ideas just makes my heart melts, every girls would love to beg if that’s what you want. You turn on every women who reads your sentences, you say one word and i get aroused then i began to question myself “am i really that speedy?”. When it comes to men, i have a lot of things to consider in my checklist, i have the qualities for sure, but then when i read your story, i looked at my checklist and thought to myself maybe my Basis are Boring, there’s a lot of realizations, a lot of thinking when it comes to sexually-involved ideas, but what you actually taught me is how to Love Unconditionally, there is no Boundaries when it comes to it, love is powerful, it can change every single thing you have inside or outside of you. I thought my life is complete and that Im contented until your story came and it changed everything i believed. You got this positive side on you that you influence others but you don’t realize it. Im glad Ms. Steele is there to pick your brain out when you think you aren’t. You both deserve each other. so here’s to me looking for my own Christian Grey. CHEERS!




The Year of Coming Back


Several months ago, i have decided to stop blogging for awhile, mainly because i have things that i need to organize such as my life. haha. i don’t mean to sound it this funny, but i have my other job, my work, my passion and when they all come at the same time, all you could ever notice is that you are running out of time. but i am happy to let you know guys that whatever is the reason of me leaving before to finish some errands has finally done successfully and i can finally go back to blogging!

3 years ago, i have decided that Blogging is something that i wanted to do. i have been posting whatever i could think of for the last 3 years, i have my ups and downs just like a normal bloggers life. i have been moving in different places, i have been searching and experiencing, and i am happy that i came up to this decision to finally upgrade the profile, but it didn’t quite well work. so now, 2017 finally arrived, i am happy to announce to everyone that i will be launching my new blog soon as i know, some of you might think that i can’t even handle this one blog and now i have another one, well that’s because of opportunities, i have this plans and ideas for the future and i needed something that would lead me to that without letting my This Blog falling off my hands.


I will still be posting on this blog. you know how much i love to read and how much i love to watch movies, and still the reviews will be there, BUT, there will be no more Kitchen Confessions instead i will be replacing it with something more better, and that is what you should stay tune on my next journey in my new Site!


Chronicles of Shredding Pounds (Entry #1)

IMG_5581[1]As a Person who weighs 198 lbs. at the age of 21 it is hard to not get conscious at all times. The average weight of a 21-year-old is only supposed to be 145 lbs. but im 53 lbs. more and it is not normal, you already call it overweight. As a Lady, who always get judged by the way we look, it is hard to be in the public sometimes, I know we shouldn’t be defined by how our physical appearances looks like, but the society is way more cruel than you thought. I have been trying to improve my Self for the past years and I am not really doing well, I have lost few pounds last summer, I worked out everyday for 2 months and I kept track of what I eat, but then camping season took over, and I totally lose track of everything and I came back to none, back to zero, I gained what I’ve lost and I am disappointed with the outcome.

This year, I told myself that I should be better, loose myself from the pressure that society was trying to lead me on. I will try to go back to the usual routine that I used to have, but this time, the goal is to go farther than 2 months, I want to be healthy and make it as a habbit.  I am going to change myself for the better, not because for the purpose of i wanted to get judged in a good way but because I want to feel better with myself, I want to walk comfortably without being drowned by the thought of other people’s words. if there is somebody who is going to define myself, that should be me, I am incharge of me, and I am responsible of my own decisions.



How does Blogging changed my Life?

hnfg.pngThey said, to be happy, it means so much effort and so much struggles, I didn’t. it only took me a Laptop and a Random thought to have it. I am happy by writing articles, I am glad that I get a lot of attention and criticizes about it. I know some part of me changed for better since I’ve decided to join Blogging, there may be Up’s and Down’s but everything is like a package deal already, it comes with everything. I have been doing Reviews almost every single movie that I watch and every single book that I read, and I never get tired of it, I like doing it and for me it is Pure Happiness.

MATURITY. I didn’t expect to get this trait thru writing articles. Everyday, you get to think single thing in life and you get the idea of writing about it, it’s not that simple, you have to be careful of your words that you use because you might hurt other people, you should not seek false statements, therefore you need proof, and also, stand to whatever you believe in. Maturity takes time to gain, so does Respect.

RESPONSIBILITY. when you are a blogger, whether you’re a professional or not, you still get responsibility. first of all, the Time Management. you always have to set up dates on when you are releasing the article, in my case, I have been trying to do it everyday, but with my other job, it wont work, so I have to think of something else that I know would work, and that is to do it every other day. it is you’re responsibility to check your stats, your analytics, and the medias that are associated to your blog.

THINK…A LOT. when you do Blogging, you always have to think straight about your topic, Everyday! and when I say topic, you have to think of something that would make sense, that is also to attract more readers. when I wasn’t blogging before, the only time I could think like this is during the exams week but now, I get to be responsible so I have to think about the articles every now and then or else i’ll lose the idea means I lose another article. you got to have your brain moving.

FRIENDS. personally, I would say this is the best part. yes, you get to meet friends. if you click the “discover” part, and type in anything that interests you, it’ll bring you to the articles that has been written around the world, and ofcourse you can talk to the admin (well it depends if they’d respond, most of the time they do). you get to know each other, and you get to share each others ideas, you never know, it might be a start for collaboration.

This are all based on experience, I am talking about how far have I gone since May 2013, the day I first sign up in wordpress. I would say it is so far so good. I enjoy the company that my followers gives to me, the support and the trust. I have learned so much, a bunch actually in just a span of 3 years, it is a pretty much a long years to think about but it seems like it was just last year when I had this blog.


Kitchen Confessions | Upgrading the Blog


Happy 235 Followers to the Blog! its been clean 3 years since I’ve joined the blogging site and i have never regretted that i joined the industry. it is just a little number to some who already have thousands of followers but i don’t care i celebrate little things, just enough to say Thank You to the Bloggers who have followed me as well. Thank You for staying and being Loyal even though i haven’t posted anything for the last 4 months, there are just so much stuff happening into my life and that i lost my balance. but im back! and i have realized its worth, so i decided to do Blogging Full Time!!!

so just like the title of this blog, i have decided on the very deepest of me (I have been thinking about this for weeks now!) that i am doing blogging full time and that the upgrading will happen when i reach 250 Followers!! so i am asking a little help from you guys to spread the news to atleast 15 people to follow my blog! lol. im just kidding, but it would be nice if you do *wink*.


there are lots of plans and ideas happening right now, but i am not gonna tell you about it yet, for the mean time lets just say i am having a HUGE GIVEAWAY to my lucky Bookworm Followers out there! i still have to deal with the planning tho because as you guys know, i am moving out of the apartment and moving into a new house. so once i got all my stuffs settled in, expect for a lot of Blogs, i mean, everyday blogs, and it is safe for me to tell you to WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF GIVEAWAY…soon!



i didn’t realize i have so much stuff to pack. like this blog and i will post an article about my adventure of moving out!!! Have a Good Life Everybody!!!

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