Something in Between |Book Review

This novel is to die for! K, How many times did i say that in every book review i do? But when i tell you that that just means im dead serious. 

I probably have hundred times “Kilig” moments while reading this book. The way the Filipino life living in a different side of the world being portrayed in the story is just exactly how it is. As soon as i made myself immerge in the story it was then easy for me to put myself into the story. It explains so much about how immigrants live life in other country, not just Filipinos but also other ethnicities. And also, you don’t know how many times i said to myself while reading the book “thats exactly what Filipinos does!!” Its just too overwhleming and it made me happy.

The Love Story. Its perfect! I was in the middle of the story and i picture out myself doing a book review and i just cant wait to post blog entry about it, most especially on the Romance part. It’s Perfect!!! Its also satisfying in a way that you wouldn’t expect!! 👌👌  Also, i love how she puts uotes about immigrants in every chapters, it makes me feel inspired. The quote that i loved in one of the chapters is from Barack Obama…



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Victoria in a week.


Victoria is one of the best city you could ever been to. It is the Retired City Capital of Canada and there’s just lots of tourists here every year, especially during summer season. I have spent a lot of fortune going here and i really dont mind, well, you can for sure earn money if you have a decent job any time, but the memories and experience, it only comes not that often, so better grab as you can, and no kidding i never regret going in here!

Victoria is such an easy access place. Our hotel is in the heart of downtown so we pretty much just walk to the most historical sights, we walk to restaurants, to parks. And people that have been here, saying that if you go shopping here, it is expensive, dude, its not even as expensive as where i am from. I am way from the north and the business competitions there are not really tight so the prices just go up and up.

Whatever i did in this town will forever remain in my memories until i die, and victoria, expect me to invade you as much as i could from now on.

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Online Haul 2016!


Im the kind of person that when i think of something that i need to buy, i always check online first, whether if its available in-store so i could just pick it up, but sometimes, it dont end as what i thought it would be. I end up putting them in my cart, check out, pay, and wait for them to arrive 2-3 weeks from now. Its not easy to wait, its not easy to choose the right fit, but when you see the perfect design, what worst can happen, right?

Lately, i have been obsessed with shopping online, not just for clothes but also with make-ups, and there is only one store i go to, whenever i feel the need of buying.




First, i have this skinny Denim from Old Navy. I love the faded look of this jeans, it is comfortable and very lightweight. I like the idea that it is kind of lose and not that too tight, this could be better also if its ripped style.


Slacks? Why not? This is comfortable to wear too, its also from Old Navy. I love the details that it have, i can wear it at work too.


I love this Denim jacket! I’ve been wanting to have one since then, good thing Old Navy has the perfect one for me, i love the details on its pocket, it is just so comfortable too!



This 3/4s blouse is comfortable! It just fits me right and im actually wearing a black bra underneath, i though it would be visible if i wear the blouse but it didn’t. I love how it looks so summer to me, it looks careless.


On the make up part, i have this bronzer from sephora on the shade of Costa Rica. I love how it looks natural to me and lightweight. Not to mention that it smells good too!



This is my first time trying tarte products, and i have found this set of 4 lipsticks for a very cheap price. Its not the normal size of lipstick, its really tiny, BUT, it is very wise idea tho cos it is like a travel sized lipstick, its awesome.

With the shades it has *Bellini *Mimosa *Punch and *Sangria.


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Sisters! |Movie Review


Everytime i watch movies like this, it always makes me wonder how it feels like to have a sister. I have a brother, but its totally different from having a female living with you, a younger or older sister whom you can go hang out with, a sister who is fully aware about your love life, and a sister who drags you down the stairs because you snore so loud.

This movie is everything, it lets you see the positive and the negative side of having one. The different kinds of sisters relationships awes me everytime, and this one, just portrays the “Normal” sister relationship. Truly, having a sister is will always have the “yes” side and the “No” side, im impressed how this movie showed both sides in just a little time, i just wish that this movie will have its Part 2. it gave me a little bit of realization of growing old with a sibling too, not just for a sister but also to a brother, that no matter what happens, life is short, so live well, make a difference, and party hard while you still can.


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Kitchen Confessions |Thanksgiving Day!


Hey whats up canada and to the whole world?! So yes! It is Thanksgiving day here in Canada and ofcourse there will always be Turkey and Ham on our tables. First things first, Thanksgiving is about saying thank you for all the things you have this year, and celebrating the good times. It is my 2nd year spending Thanksgiving here in canada, but it is my first time spending it with my Parents and my Brother cos last year i was in Edmonton with my Cousins. I would say both times are memorable to me.

Since my life started, i was just thankful for everything that happened to me whether it is Bad or Good, there is a reason behind it, i know. God would never let me have a better life without the struggle, and it wouldn’t make sense if its all just the good ones, so let’s be thankful for the bad side too. I have a good job that i have never foreseen myself few years before that i would work in a place like that, but still a blessing to me, a Family that always understands my loudness, my craziness, my grumpiness, mostly everything that i am and also to my Followers who patiently understands my Laziness in posting blogs (i know i have a really bad habit in posting it on time, but hey, i might change), and for your concerns everytime i feel bad with whatever is happening to me, 225 followers, it is just a number to you, a LITTLE NUMBER for some, but for me, it is already a HUGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE who are very understandable and supportive in every corny, non sense, funny, blogs i post and i am deeply honored to have you guys in my Blog life. I know i have goal this year, to have 300 followers, but hey, a goal is just a measurement of what you can achieve, and if you couldn’t, it doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just simply means that this is not the right time yet to have that, so lets just patiently wait for the perfect time and just be thankful and feel contented of what we are having instead.


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KItchen Confessions | Cosmo Mag: BANNED?!!


3:20 in the afternoon, i just got out from shower and i got home an hour ago from the Hospital. Nothing bad happened to me or to anyone, i just have to bring my dad to the hospital because he was having dry cough and he’s having a hard time sleeping too, so that bothers me and my mom a lot! Anyways, i didn’t write this blog because of it, there’s something i wanna talk about that i found out not too long ago because i think it’s ridiculous.

So i was at work the other day and there was this 3 sheets of paper laying in the counter, it has pictures in it of COSMO Mag, and i vaguely remembers the title of it, i think it is something like “Cosmo is Out”, so it freaks me out! I couldn’t imagine social life without it. I read the whole article, and it says there that they’ll gonna ban the Magazine in some cities in the U.S. Because they think its PORNOGRAPHIC!! Well, since were talking about PORN here, why don’t you Ban Playboy? FHM? Im pretty sure they are more Sexier Magazine than COSMO, and hello???! I read my Horoscope there, you can’t just tell me to read it in a newspaper or something, i know Cosmo Horoscope works for me better! This is so non sense, i mean, wheres porn there?? The sex positions they talk about? Oh wow! Guess what?! Im pretty sure you enjoyed reading it too whoever tries to ban it is just a Kill Joy who doesn’t have sex life at all! And also they said that the Front Cover is always too revealing like you see Demi’s issue, and Nicki Minaj’s Issue, or Lauren Conrad’s issue which is the latest and i don’t see anything wrong with it! I don’t know what these people see but im pretty sure they’re just making an appeal that is non sense just to let the world know that Stupids just got Stupider.

In the article, it says there too that they interviewed some mothers about how would they react to it if the stores sell them and their kids, lets say 8-year-old kid sees that “too revealing” magazine, and all of them doesn’t mind, they actually think it is helpful for those kids, because kids nowadays are being conscious of their surroundings which is good. One of the moms actually said that is nice to have something like that because Grade 5 students are having Sex Education now, because whether you believe it or not, 15-year-old kids nowadays does sex, and they should know that Condoms Exist! Yes i said, CONDOMS AND SEX IN THIS BLOG!

(What is your reaction to this Topic? And why do you think its stupid?!)

Cosmetics under $60 and What-About’s!


Make up is one of my weaknesses. Have you ever been in any make up store, and you feel like all your grocery list can be forgotten and you are willing to spend your money just for make up?? Thats one of the reason why i usually avoid make up stores now, haha. But this Blog Article is not about avoiding make ups, or weighing priorities, this Article is about giving yourself a break, spend a little money for yourself, its like a little treat (most girls says this, im one of them) and also the make up products that i used just cost me $60! Amazing right? So if you wanna know how, yes, keep going on reading this article!



In this pulpy, vintage shade, it just makes my lips look so natural and just nude. I’ve been looking for the right shade of my Lips, and now i have found it. Just nice!



I’ve been trying bunch and bunch of concealers from Revlon. I have the stick one, i have one that is for under-eye. But this one is exceptional! Mostly, liquid concealers makes my skin so dry, but with this one, there is no effect of dry skin. Its amazing how it works, since i told myself this is the last thing im gonna try revlon products, and if its still wont work, then im so done.



I’ve been looking for a good bronzer since i’ve never used any before. I know i should have tried NARS, or Kat von D or Sephora, but since they are much more expensive, i tried looking for some other brands and i found this! Its not powder, coz thats what mostly people ask about this product, but as soon as you apply it on your face, it just makes your skin smooth and its not a heavy bronzer, its just like a very comfortable-wearing kind of bronzer. I so recommend this one!

DSCN1396 DSCN1397


So this brush is just awesome if you use it for your bronzer. I don’t use the sponge ones because for some reason, it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Im not used in using sponge for my face coz it gives me that greasy feeling every single time. So as much as i could i just avoid sponges.



This product just came out few weeks ago. I saw bunch of youtube stars used this one and it just gives me the idea of “why not” so i bought it the next day. It actually works, this is one of the products i can’t leave my house without. The mascara is truly made for girls who dreams to have perfect eyelashes!


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