BookHaul!! Love stories and Marilyn Monroe????


You know that situation when you just tell yourself that you need to see something Online and ended up Buying Bunch, that’s what happened to me last week. Sometimes, when I order online and I do it at night and I forgot what I bought the next morning until you received an email of your order confirmation that’s what you call “sleep buying” <lol>. So anyways, since I am proud to say that I don’t sleep walk but I do sleep buying, I will show to you what’s on my parcel in short, what I Bought!

1.) The Notebook


    Legend! I have watched the movie of this million times and I am not sick nor tired of it. And yes, I haven’t read the book ever since. just before I bought this, I saw some video clips on youtube about the deleted scenes of the movie and it made me feel unsatisfied of what I’ve been watching for years! I totally understand that they couldn’t put everything in the movie, but what if there’s something in the book that is more different than the movie, like what if the essence that I see in the movie is actually different in the book. I don’t know, im weird. Hahaha

2.) Looking for Alaska


      This one I’ve read already few years back. But I read it on my ebook so this time I want an actual book, how it feels and how it smells (if you’re a bookworm you’d understand my feeling). I probably even did a book review of this way back in 2013, I am not so sure. But anyways, I am so excited to read this one again.

3.) The Last Song


      Okay, tell me I am not being such a Nicholas Sparks Sick. But his books are too good not to read, even the movies are blockbusters, so why not buy two of his greatest works, right? It is definitely one of the movies that made me cry. I remember sitting on my dormitory bed and just sob the whole time. Yes, it’s good and bad memories. Haha

4.) Marilyn Monroe


     I have never really shown so much respect and admiration to any Local or Hollywood stars before until I read Marilyn Monroe’s struggle to become the most anticipated stars of the lifetime. I have been buying dozens of magazines about her, read them and process them in my mind, there are different stories, different versions, and when I finally decided to buy a book of her life story, I have, again, Checklist in my mind of what to consider in choosing the right book about her. These two over here just caught my eye as soon as I scroll down, I have been reading good book reviews about it, and that’s one of my considerations. I am actually reading the “My Story…” and so far I am in Awe, it just never fails.


All the books that was used in this Blog was bought through my own will and from my own pocket. There is no Sponsors or whatsoever happening, I hope there is though <lol>

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Me Before You |Book Review


“What did just Happened?!!”

that’s me after I read the last page of the book. I don’t know why but this is so far the most painful ending I have ever read. I can feel the sadness, I can feel how smoothly everything went from up to down, then back to up then down. I can feel the feeling of being hurt and being inlove right in my veins. this book gave me so much of emotions as I read it. it is like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. the way it ended was definitely a shock but it’s not really like  I-hate-you-for-doing-this instead its like I-think-its-better-that-way. it took me days to get over the feeling when i read John Greens Novels, i wonder how long it’ll take me with this one. 😉


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Gay Pride at it’s Worst.

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“Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people to promote their Self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT RIGHTS movements throughout the world.”

So LGBT! I just wanna congratulated this people, finally US legalized same-sex marriage, and literally i am glad that the LGBT community was able to get what they wanted.

But there is actually something that i wanted to clear out.

First of all, i FULL HEARTEDLY support LGBT, because no matter what happens they Deserve everything that they’ve worked hard for and also because Life is about being who you are, and if they’re like that, just accept guys, i mean, HELLOO? Life is too short.


untitled (2)







This Pictures seriously pisses me off! What the hell does this guys think they’re doing?? Asking and having your RIGHTS is good but Mocking Jesus Christ for finally getting what you want is NOT FUN!! We, Straight People, actually Supports you all the way to whatever you wanted in your life, but just DONT MOCK JESUS CHRIST. Yeah, i would admit, im not perfect, i dont go to church every Sunday, but when i do, i repent for my sins, i ask for forgiveness, i ask for enlightenment for you guys to be finally get the things u want to in your lives, but This People in the Pictures above doesn’t understand it. They got little brains i would say. It’s hard for me to say this or to open this up most especially in Internet, in Cyber World, but please people stop being such dickheads (im sorry for my languages).

World Peace and Equality and Rights and im looking for JUSTICE. That’s all what this world needs, and we couldn’t get it if we keep on tolerating and feeding negative agendas. It wont work.


Im not against anybody, or anything. I just wanted to explain my side. I still support LGBT Community despite the things that Other People does to the religion, RESPECT is mainly and much needed. Respect my Religion and i’ll Respect your Gender. It’s not supposed to be a Main Issue here, we’re supposed to be happy and Glad that finally this side of World is having their dreams slowly.

It just makes me sad knowing that this kind of people actually exist. We’re all sinners babe.

This is Just Opinion. Not a Basher, Gays out there, im still your supporter, just don’t do whatever this freakin people do, okaay?

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Gone Girl… Gone Wrong? |Movie Review


I actually don’t know why but this movie makes me feel scared. I don’t know what ‘s in this Movie but it gives me shivers everytime i see Rosemund Pike’s face like this. She looks like im her next victim or whatever like a normal movie delusional character.

Cheers to this movie! if you’re intention is to scare me, then Bravo! You Made it! I actually read the book of this but i didn’t finish it because i can feel that there is something wrong with it, what i meant with something wrong is that, it might affect me too much that i will end up not sleeping for the rest of my life (i just exaggerate things, it’s normal), you know guys how attached i am to every book that i read, so i just don’t want that to happen.

I like this movie because it is really thrilling, the twists of the stories makes you shiver. For the First Part it’ll make you feel Mad to Nick Dunne a.k.a Ben Affleck but as the story goes, and as every lies were told, you found yourself hating Amy a.k.a Rosemund Pike.

it makes me wonder if this case happens in real life. I mean stories like this Might be Existing but i wanna know about it, i wanna research about it and does something about it. This Movie is so interesting.



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Looking For Alaska |Book Review


BOOM!! i am here again for another book review and i am here with this!!
The John Green Novels are perfectly good to everyone who believes in the faith of Love.
The Story has actually some similarities in The Fault in Our Stars since the “Cigarette” part was there also, and also the name “Augustus”.
Its weird but the story and the author was reaalyy Perf!

someone asked me if i could Spoil the Book story, but i chose not to, Bcoz i want you to feel what i feel when i read the Climax part. Whats the Climax part?? you better read the Book! Hahaha ;D


No Place like Home |Book Review

Mary Higgins Clark is my choice of author when it comes to mystery novels. she’s indeed intellegent. now that i have read this novel, it’s hard for me to forget it that i find hard time sleeping at night. guys, i wont tell you the whole story because i will never be a spoiler, if you wanted to experience the same horrifying thrilling i feel try to purchase it it’s available in Amazon Kindle or go find it at the nearest bookstore. i wont talk much about this book but i pinky swear, you won’t regret, you seriously won’t regret anything. 😀


The Ward Trailer (movie review)

i watched this last night with my cousin and we were really thilled. the ending is so unexpected although before i copied the movie, my classmate already told me that it’s a psychomovie but i dont have any idea what might happen. it just didn’t occur to me that everything is imaginary although im a psychology student how come i never figured it out. oh well maybe the directors and the writers did very well!
i so love this movie that i consider this like one of my must-watch. the story was more like the sybil one except it’s more thrilling.