Something in Between |Book Review

This novel is to die for! K, How many times did i say that in every book review i do? But when i tell you that that just means im dead serious. 

I probably have hundred times “Kilig” moments while reading this book. The way the Filipino life living in a different side of the world being portrayed in the story is just exactly how it is. As soon as i made myself immerge in the story it was then easy for me to put myself into the story. It explains so much about how immigrants live life in other country, not just Filipinos but also other ethnicities. And also, you don’t know how many times i said to myself while reading the book “thats exactly what Filipinos does!!” Its just too overwhleming and it made me happy.

The Love Story. Its perfect! I was in the middle of the story and i picture out myself doing a book review and i just cant wait to post blog entry about it, most especially on the Romance part. It’s Perfect!!! Its also satisfying in a way that you wouldn’t expect!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ  Also, i love how she puts uotes about immigrants in every chapters, it makes me feel inspired. The quote that i loved in one of the chapters is from Barack Obama…



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Last Letter From Your Lover (Part 2) |Book Review

IMG_5572“Letters from Juliet and The Notebook Mash up”.

This are exactly what you’ll feel if you read this book. For the second time Jojo Moyes played with my feelings again! The last two parts of the book are actually about the aftermath, how the life of a cheating wife continues, it is literally how it went. And then years ago, 4 decades have past, still the Love and Faithfulness is still there. I couldn’t contain myself from the fact that True Love exists since 1960.

Love is always worth the wait, no matter how old you’ll get, whether in sickness or in health, it will always find a way. It’s crazy how the author brought me from the 1960’s era to the generation i am in, i love the shifting of the story, i love how it has been done without making it feel strange and uncomfortable as a reader. Honestly, there might be some parts that i find boring but there is something about it that will make you curious of the situation that you’ll get the urge of finishing it.

This Book is a Must-read!!

Feel the Love, the True Love, from our Grandparents time until today.


Last Letter from your Lover (Part 1) |Book Review







This are just one of the words spreading around my bubble head when im reading the book, Jojo Moyes bringing us back to the classic romantic era during the time of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, where fame and beauty is a standard and not a Label.

The book have 2 parts and i thought why not do a review in every parts this book have? I think it is more organized that way (well atleast my thoughts and words are). On the first few chapters, i would honestly tell you, it is Boring, like all i can think of is deep words flashing into my brain, and i don’t even pay attention to the events, but when i read something about the affair Jennifer Stirling is having with Anthony O’Hare while she’s married, that’s where my Interest fell. You’re probably be thinking “when did cheating sounds interesting?”, well, a person who is in a relationship wouldn’t be interested to other people if the REALationship actually works, unless one of you or both of you are douchebags then thats another story. Now, Back to the book, yes, this is not just a book about cheating or fleeing out with someone else while leaving your marriage behind, i would say it is all wrong, but jennifer stirling have reasons, she married the wrong guy, she messed up and she have to fix it, and thats where we start reading part two.

All in all, Jojo Moyes, again, never fails to make you feel hopeful that love is worth the wait. This book is definitely a must-read and a page-turner you can’t resist.




I Love Beth Cooper | Movie vs. Book


“Did I just saw the book??!!”

it was year 2009 when the movie was released and its 2016 and I just watched it, I mean, whats wrong with it? haha. what I’ve read in the book was definitely what I watched in the Movie. There is no really other words to say how different the two are. maybe the only thing I like about books is that It is more detailed, from what the character was thinking to their breathing, I think its fantastic!! it was just sometimes im a little bit anxious of how the events turned out, same thing I felt when I was reading the book, like how much trouble they had on that night and how fun it is. it just turned into a good ole night for everybody.




its been so long since the last time I did Movie vs. Book and you know how much I like doing this but it does take time but I don’t mind at all. if there is anything you want me to do a review or something like this, just comment down below! πŸ™‚




Me Before You |Book Review


“What did just Happened?!!”

that’s me after I read the last page of the book. I don’t know why but this is so far the most painful ending I have ever read. I can feel the sadness, I can feel how smoothly everything went from up to down, then back to up then down. I can feel the feeling of being hurt and being inlove right in my veins. this book gave me so much of emotions as I read it. it is like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. the way it ended was definitely a shock but it’s not really likeΒ  I-hate-you-for-doing-this instead its like I-think-its-better-that-way. it took me days to get over the feeling when i read John Greens Novels, i wonder how long it’ll take me with this one. πŸ˜‰


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Paper Towns Book vs. Movie Review


So! Lets talk about Paper Towns! What is Paper Towns to you? For me, it is something i don’t understand why it exist but it does. I get confuse for some reason i dont know why! But in quentin and margo’s case, it is something they both know too well, thats why quentin was able to find margo, well, with the help of pseudovisions and omnictionary and/or “I Spy” games! Anyways, i am here to talk about the difference between the book and the movie, what are the difference and what did you missed if you didn’t read the book? Im gonna tell you what it is if you keep on reading til the next paragraph.


The story in the book is much more different from the movie, or vice versa in a way that it is depressing, Depressing than the way they kind of changed the story in ‘the fault in our star’. I watched the movie first before reading the book and i would say there are almost a lot of scenes that was in the book but wasn’t in the movie. The beginning and the ending are just the same, but the book doesn’t contain just the front and back cover, it has the middle pages too, and what happened to that? I couldn’t remember seeing it in the movie. Im telling you guys, it’s more fun reading than watching paper towns, or maybe just read, and just don’t watch the movie if you got anxiety and stuff like that.

Well, atleast there are some Lines that was actually used in the movie. Thumbs up!


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P.S. I still Love you |Book Review


I totally forgot how it is to be single in every time i open this book and reads it. There is something about this book that gives me this different feeling, it’s like unknown, and i really don’t know what it is but it feels amazing. But in the other side, i don’t know what im expecting on this book but whatever it is i didn’t achieve it, im not saying im disappointed or something like that but whatever im looking for, i didn’t found it. Anyways, the characters in this 2nd book is growing up, they act and sounds differently. But the story revolved around the love triangle so i just wanna talk about the difference…

Peter Kavinsky

-He is such a cutie! He never fails to make Lara Jean feeling Pretty everytime they’re together, but i just don’t like it whenever she’s with genevieve. I don’t like the part where he is always with gen and it seems like he just forgets lara jean just in a click. Which is a big No-No sometimes for boys because Girls deserves attention from their boyfriends, thats why other girls feel insecure with themselves because it looks like they cant impress their boyfriends.

John McClaren

-He’s a Newbie. I bet he is Hot! In some scenes or parts of the stories, i noticed that he was there everytime Peter is not around which is a Big Yes because he gives so much attention and effort for Lara, but ofcourse, nobody can beat the effort that peter put into during the 1st book when he have to pretend to be lara jean’s boyfriend. But in the 2nd book, i think John deserves Lara Jean much better.


The Ending was quite fair!