Something in Between |Book Review

This novel is to die for! K, How many times did i say that in every book review i do? But when i tell you that that just means im dead serious. 

I probably have hundred times “Kilig” moments while reading this book. The way the Filipino life living in a different side of the world being portrayed in the story is just exactly how it is. As soon as i made myself immerge in the story it was then easy for me to put myself into the story. It explains so much about how immigrants live life in other country, not just Filipinos but also other ethnicities. And also, you don’t know how many times i said to myself while reading the book “thats exactly what Filipinos does!!” Its just too overwhleming and it made me happy.

The Love Story. Its perfect! I was in the middle of the story and i picture out myself doing a book review and i just cant wait to post blog entry about it, most especially on the Romance part. It’s Perfect!!! Its also satisfying in a way that you wouldn’t expect!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ  Also, i love how she puts uotes about immigrants in every chapters, it makes me feel inspired. The quote that i loved in one of the chapters is from Barack Obama…



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Kitchen Confessions | Upgrading the Blog


Happy 235 Followers to the Blog! its been clean 3 years since I’ve joined the blogging site and i have never regretted that i joined the industry. it is just a little number to some who already have thousands of followers but i don’t care i celebrate little things, just enough to say Thank You to the Bloggers who have followed me as well. Thank You for staying and being Loyal even though i haven’t posted anything for the last 4 months, there are just so much stuff happening into my life and that i lost my balance. but im back! and i have realized its worth, so i decided to do Blogging Full Time!!!

so just like the title of this blog, i have decided on the very deepest of me (IΒ have been thinking about this for weeks now!) that i am doing blogging full time and that the upgrading will happen when i reach 250 Followers!! so i am asking a little help from you guys to spread the news to atleast 15 people to follow my blog! lol. im just kidding, but it would be nice if you do *wink*.


there are lots of plans and ideas happening right now, but i am not gonna tell you about it yet, for the mean time lets just say i am having a HUGE GIVEAWAY to my lucky Bookworm Followers out there! i still have to deal with the planningΒ tho because as you guys know, i am moving out of the apartment and moving into a new house. so once i got all my stuffs settled in, expect forΒ a lot of Blogs, i mean, everyday blogs, and it is safe for me to tell you to WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF GIVEAWAY…soon!



i didn’t realize i have so much stuff to pack. like this blog and i will post an article about my adventure of moving out!!! Have a Good Life Everybody!!!

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