Books turned to Movies that I haven’t seen/read!!

You know how sometimes there are some trends that you really don’t feel like doing but to other people it is their thing?? That’s what I feel right now. So today I will be talking about the books that are published and made into movies that I haven’t read or seen. Yes, I may be a movie lover and book lover but I am peeky sometimes, I gotta choose my options too. And this Article is all about it, this are the facts, i don’t know how did that happened but seriously its just that it doesn’t turn me on.



i haven’t read or watched their movies and book YET. but to be honest with you guys, since im into scifi too, i am going to read the Harry Potter series quite soon. I bought the box set and i am excited, but since i haven’t started yet, yes, i am one of those people who are innocent when it comes to this savages. i don’t know anything about harry potter series aside from witch craft. when i was a kid, i remember, my cousins would turn the dvd player on and watch this but i just don’t pay attention its either i already passed out or im in the kitchen climbing the countertops looking for something to eat. maybe because when i was young i wasn’t really into scifi as much as i do now. But soon enough, you’ll find me posting Harry Potter book reviews.


#2 Lord of the Rings

i just don’t. that would be my answer. haha. i don’t know why seriously, its just that i think its kind of crappy that they fight over a ring. i don’t know, its just that it never rings a bell into my mind, i haven’t even been tempted to try. plus their books are so thick, i told myself i can’t keep up that much. haha


#3 Twilight Series

they are cheesy, but i think it had been way too much. i like romance, but Vampires??? i don’t. plus the wolf, not good. it’s not my cup of tea. the story is impressive though. it is something that Vampire fans did got addicted to, but not me.

tyjutgy.jpg#4 Life of Pi

i have heard a lot of compliments about the movie and the book, but i never really bothered. for me it is something that i might gonna cry on, and im not really prepared for that physically and emotionally. hahaha. i know, way dramatic of me to say that but seriously, a good book makes you cry, you don’t like crying, so just stop doing something that makes you cry and sad and that’s why i never really thought of reading life of pi, the stories are just enough for me to know that this book/movie is no good for me, im a very emotional person.


Now, don’t get me wrong. i really couldn’t say that this movies/books are awesome without actually watching them. it is what i thought that is not for me, not my cup of tea. so here i am right now, trying to share to you guys what i can say about it. do i have any plans of reading or watching any of this films? Nope, except for harry potter, which you should keep an eye on for my book review. and also check my personal blog  xoxo



Magnus Chase X Magnuse Chase 2



let me start by saying “OH MY GOD!”. I just can’t contain myself from jumping after I finished the first 2 books!! I am definitely out of words for this.

Magnus Chase is a charm, witty guy, and if he actually exist, I’d probably fell inlove with him. He’s brave, he’s smart, but not close to Percy Jackson. ofcourse, when i first read the few chapters of Magnus Chase, it is kind of boring to me. i mean, okay, he died, where’s the thrill in there?? but as i go on, the climax keeps going higher and higher and i noticed myself just fascinated about the it. I am impressed again by Rick Riordan.

A few weeks later i went to the city with my parents, went to walmart, and as a bookworm, i would always check out the book isle, during that time, i know magnus chase book 2 is coming out, i told myself i’ll just get it online, i checked it before we left and its not yet available so i said might as well check again when i come home, but as i was exploring the teen fiction case, there i saw, peering at me too, the Magnus Chase Book 2!! oh dear, you wouldn’t believe how much i would wanted to jump around and shout to my mom how very lucky i feel, but ofcourse you really can’t because you’re in public. and there you go, i read it and i finished it and i am satisfied!

backtrack to when i was still reading the book one of magnus chase, i wished to myself, and i even posted this on my facebook account, that i really hope Magnus Chase and Percy Jackson would atleast just for once collide, and don’t you think that would be an awesome idea?! so when i finished the Book Two of Magnus Chase, my Hopes went up. The Ending, you just wouldn’t believe what the ending said!! (i am not going to Spoil the story of the book but you can read it. *devil laugh*) and now i can’t wait for book three!!



if you want me to do a book review, pleasseee comment down below or email me at and put “priority review” as your subject so i will notice you first. Yes, its 2017, i have to get my Priorities done right! hahaha. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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After You by Jojo Moyes |Book Review


it’s a lit story. let’s admit it, me before you is different. it’s stunning. but is the second book is as impressive as the first one??

well, in my opinion, Not Really. After you is a whole different situation for Louisa Clarke, it is a different scenario to everybody. honestly, it is something that I haven’t expected, I expected it to be something deeper, more deeper than finding out that Will have a Child. I was just looking for something else in the story and I just couldn’t find it just like the way I look for questions in the first book and how it would the answers turn up in the next chapter.

over all, the book was good, the way it have ended, Classic. and Jojo Moyes again Impressed the readers, no doubt on that. Cheers for more books to come!!


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The Year of Coming Back


Several months ago, i have decided to stop blogging for awhile, mainly because i have things that i need to organize such as my life. haha. i don’t mean to sound it this funny, but i have my other job, my work, my passion and when they all come at the same time, all you could ever notice is that you are running out of time. but i am happy to let you know guys that whatever is the reason of me leaving before to finish some errands has finally done successfully and i can finally go back to blogging!

3 years ago, i have decided that Blogging is something that i wanted to do. i have been posting whatever i could think of for the last 3 years, i have my ups and downs just like a normal bloggers life. i have been moving in different places, i have been searching and experiencing, and i am happy that i came up to this decision to finally upgrade the profile, but it didn’t quite well work. so now, 2017 finally arrived, i am happy to announce to everyone that i will be launching my new blog soon as i know, some of you might think that i can’t even handle this one blog and now i have another one, well that’s because of opportunities, i have this plans and ideas for the future and i needed something that would lead me to that without letting my This Blog falling off my hands.


I will still be posting on this blog. you know how much i love to read and how much i love to watch movies, and still the reviews will be there, BUT, there will be no more Kitchen Confessions instead i will be replacing it with something more better, and that is what you should stay tune on my next journey in my new Site!


Movies and Books to Cry On

We all have Different Personalities. Some people can cry easily over little things, some have a cold-stone heart meaning it takes forever to make you cry, in my case, im in the middle part (if that make sense), It takes awhile before you can make me tear-up. But, this Movies and Books was a tear-jerker that made me felt sad next thing I know, im tearing my eyeballs out!!



This movie really made me cry like a baby! most especially the part when her dad died, everything made sense, everything just turned into something. I was tearing up to the fact that she used to hate her dad for not staying in the Family since the separation. it’s quite a bit unbelievable sometimes how movies can make you feel dumb for not knowing what to happen next.





You’re a Liar if you say you didn’t atleast tear up in one of the scenes in this movie. As a Kid, watching this cartoon movie is fun and exciting, it is filled with animals in the jungle, you learn the different kinds of animals in their. But if you watch it as an Adult, the feelings and the experience is totally different, you realize the true essence and the true meaning of a fathers sacrifice for his kids and also the weird thing is the part when The King died to save his son and you started tearing up, that’s how you know you’re growing up. it’s crazy because this animals that we used to memorize their names when we were kids, are the animals who will teach us the meaning of Hakuna Matata as an Adult.


This one is a Korean Movie, and im telling you, I have never seen such kid who acts like that!! it was really one of the best foreign movies I have ever watched, the whole point of the movie touched my heart. Usually when we say Korean or Chinese movies, the first thing that pops up from our brain is “shaolin” or anything magical from ancient dynasty, but this one is different. Talk about Comedy, drama, love story, all together pact in one movie, geez, I don’t even know how I survived watching this movie without my heart saying “hey, mind going for a little break?”.





After reading ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by the same author, I thought to myself, ‘this author might have other stories to impress me’, I googled, and found out about this book, I would admit, I am not impressed by the title, it is not the kind of catchy title, but I swear to all the angels, I felt something good about this book. I was reading it for a week and all my doubts and all my cons about it disappeared. On the better side, i Cried. yeap. you read it right, folks! i didn’t expect the way the events turned, and i don’t even know what to expect in the first place anyways. and i said to myself ‘john green proved you huh’.


ujykfI can remember when this movie first came out. I can’t forget the soundtrack and some few important and memorable scenes. But when i read its book, (here we go again) i Cried! i didn’t cry watching the movie, i don’t know why, my cousins does everytime we watch it. maybe because books are different from movies, although they may have the same plot and the same point of the story but you know sometimes when moviemakers changes some little things. i cried when she walk in the isle on a wheelchair, she still did it even if she almost felt like dying. what can i say about this book? SPEECHLESS. i don’t blame myself if i didn’t do a book review of this awhile ago, it is hard to talk about something that hit you harder. Bookworms out there, im calling your name out, this is true, right??



This one didn’t turned out fairly, but the story, AGAIN MADE ME CRY! if you have read the book review i made about this few years ago (which is not that clear, and i apologize for a very lack of sense) you would know how im so into the story, not just it, but the two people themselves. i felt like im in the story, im inside the book with them, i felt like  was definitely in the state where i would collapse everytime the Climax of the story happens. oh geez, i am so into this books, sometimes it feels so dangerous.



Women: Courage and Faith

As I was randomly scrolling down my facebook account the other night, I bumped into this Video of Emma Murphy. She was abused by her Husband and Apparently cheated on her not once, but Twice. I am not writing this article to rant about her situation or to talk about what if’s and not’s, I decided to turn up this whole idea because I am a Woman, there’s women around the world who have daughters, nieces, and the issue and cases of Violence on Women and Children is Spreading like crazy!

When we say Violence, it talks about physical and emotional abuse. Does women deserve this? why does men keeps on doing it to some women? if they aren’t happy with the way the relationship goes, why can’t they just leave? there are lots of questions in my mind roaming around, and I still keep on looking for answers but it seems like I can’t find any. Sometimes, I want to sit down and talk to the men who abused there women and just ask them why to answer the questions I have inside me, but it will never happen.

I feel bad knowing that also in a situation like Emma’s, it is not her that is just being hurt, they have kids, she have kids, a one-year-old kid may never understand but she/he can still see. do you know how it feels like to see your kid looking at you while your husband is hitting you? its worth a lot of Pain. if the Marriage is the first issue in the first place, why can’t just try to fix it? does sleeping with other women makes everything okay? if not, then why do you keep on doing it? you can’t have everything in life. the greediness and the selfishness of a person gives him the reason to make himself feel capable of doing anything, which is not what it should be.

Women are not weak. Women are not just a thing that you can use whenever you want. We have feelings, there will always be a woman behind every man, whether its your common law, your wife, your mother, your aunt or your grandma. Women are meant to be loved, so if you as a Man can’t do that, ask a kid, maybe they know better than you.