Magnus Chase X Magnuse Chase 2



let me start by saying “OH MY GOD!”. I just can’t contain myself from jumping after I finished the first 2 books!! I am definitely out of words for this.

Magnus Chase is a charm, witty guy, and if he actually exist, I’d probably fell inlove with him. He’s brave, he’s smart, but not close to Percy Jackson. ofcourse, when i first read the few chapters of Magnus Chase, it is kind of boring to me. i mean, okay, he died, where’s the thrill in there?? but as i go on, the climax keeps going higher and higher and i noticed myself just fascinated about the it. I am impressed again by Rick Riordan.

A few weeks later i went to the city with my parents, went to walmart, and as a bookworm, i would always check out the book isle, during that time, i know magnus chase book 2 is coming out, i told myself i’ll just get it online, i checked it before we left and its not yet available so i said might as well check again when i come home, but as i was exploring the teen fiction case, there i saw, peering at me too, the Magnus Chase Book 2!! oh dear, you wouldn’t believe how much i would wanted to jump around and shout to my mom how very lucky i feel, but ofcourse you really can’t because you’re in public. and there you go, i read it and i finished it and i am satisfied!

backtrack to when i was still reading the book one of magnus chase, i wished to myself, and i even posted this on my facebook account, that i really hope Magnus Chase and Percy Jackson would atleast just for once collide, and don’t you think that would be an awesome idea?! so when i finished the Book Two of Magnus Chase, my Hopes went up. The Ending, you just wouldn’t believe what the ending said!! (i am not going to Spoil the story of the book but you can read it. *devil laugh*) and now i can’t wait for book three!!



if you want me to do a book review, pleasseee comment down below or email me at and put “priority review” as your subject so i will notice you first. Yes, its 2017, i have to get my Priorities done right! hahaha. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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