The Year of Coming Back


Several months ago, i have decided to stop blogging for awhile, mainly because i have things that i need to organize such as my life. haha. i don’t mean to sound it this funny, but i have my other job, my work, my passion and when they all come at the same time, all you could ever notice is that you are running out of time. but i am happy to let you know guys that whatever is the reason of me leaving before to finish some errands has finally done successfully and i can finally go back to blogging!

3 years ago, i have decided that Blogging is something that i wanted to do. i have been posting whatever i could think of for the last 3 years, i have my ups and downs just like a normal bloggers life. i have been moving in different places, i have been searching and experiencing, and i am happy that i came up to this decision to finally upgrade the profile, but it didn’t quite well work. so now, 2017 finally arrived, i am happy to announce to everyone that i will be launching my new blog soon as i know, some of you might think that i can’t even handle this one blog and now i have another one, well that’s because of opportunities, i have this plans and ideas for the future and i needed something that would lead me to that without letting my This Blog falling off my hands.


I will still be posting on this blog. you know how much i love to read and how much i love to watch movies, and still the reviews will be there, BUT, there will be no more Kitchen Confessions instead i will be replacing it with something more better, and that is what you should stay tune on my next journey in my new Site!



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