Chronicles of Shredding Pounds (Entry #1)

IMG_5581[1]As a Person who weighs 198 lbs. at the age of 21 it is hard to not get conscious at all times. The average weight of a 21-year-old is only supposed to be 145 lbs. but im 53 lbs. more and it is not normal, you already call it overweight. As a Lady, who always get judged by the way we look, it is hard to be in the public sometimes, I know we shouldn’t be defined by how our physical appearances looks like, but the society is way more cruel than you thought. I have been trying to improve my Self for the past years and I am not really doing well, I have lost few pounds last summer, I worked out everyday for 2 months and I kept track of what I eat, but then camping season took over, and I totally lose track of everything and I came back to none, back to zero, I gained what I’ve lost and I am disappointed with the outcome.

This year, I told myself that I should be better, loose myself from the pressure that society was trying to lead me on. I will try to go back to the usual routine that I used to have, but this time, the goal is to go farther than 2 months, I want to be healthy and make it as a habbit.  I am going to change myself for the better, not because for the purpose of i wanted to get judged in a good way but because I want to feel better with myself, I want to walk comfortably without being drowned by the thought of other people’s words. if there is somebody who is going to define myself, that should be me, I am incharge of me, and I am responsible of my own decisions.




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