The Vow |Movie Review


it is never too late to realizeย your worth in a relationship. Love lasts a Lifetime, it will never fades, the feeling will never go away, unless your heart desires to.

this kind of movies always leaves me speechless everytime!! the Love story itself really does amazes me, its not about the characters who played the role, but the love story, Just Wow. its the kind of story you wont even think it exist, it is phenomenal, different, and it fits the young and the adults.

Moving on to the characters, I couldn’t think of any word that would describe the best of how they portrayed every roles. But ofcourse, expect the extraordinary from Rachel Mcadams who have caught my heart since the movie “The Notebook”, yes, not the Mean Girls, and Channing Tatum, like seriously, that jaw? irresistible! Their acting, the scenes, perfect, I have seen everything that I have imagined before watching this movie, tho im like few years late, but its better that than never.




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