The Best of 3 Years!! |Teenhabitat


A year and a half ago, i met this Lady from a random party i went to with my friends neighbors. It is just like a chill party, there’s the fire, the unknown faces and the country music, it just all went so great. I was pretty much comfortable talking to everybody there because they are nice enough to welcome us to this party that we aren’t even invited, so this lady was so nice that we were talking about what we were doing in life at the moment then she mentioned that she’s moving soon because of her work which is Blogging, to my excitement, i told her that i do blogging too, she told me “please, dont stop blogging until you’ve reached that one thing”… And here i am today, Counting 3 years and more.


I have never felt more happy in my blogging life, well probably except that year 2013 where i had 67 views in a day. To me, every little thing, every tiny accomplishments are worth the celebration, if you are my Reader since then, you would’ve been reading my articles about “announcements” and all the thank you’s i’ve been writing everytime i reached a certain number of followers. I love the attention and support that my readers gives to me, thats why even if there’s a lot of times that i felt giving up and just deactivating my blog site, i just think of the people i might disappoint. Mainly, i wouldn’t be in this another high step of my blogging life without my followers, I Salute you!



Thank you for supporting the almost 150 movie reviews and 55 book reviews that i did. Thank you for not complaining about my random thoughts and the Kitchen Confessions! Expect some more craziness and more movie reviews every week and book reviews and also im open now for Blog Challenges and Guest Post Collaboration!! To my Growing family of Readers, please enjoy the newly improved



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