Introvert Random Thoughts

IMG_1138I have a lot to do for this weekend. me and my cousins are having sleepover at my house and I can’t wait for it to be done. As an Introvert, you like being alone all the time, and it doesn’t bothers you. I like being alone so much that I do well, actually much better when I’m alone than I’m with someone else. I teach myself just good enough and I’m comfortable with it, some people thinks introverts are weird, us introverts thinks people that surrounds us thinks they’re normal when they’re not. it is easy to say “hey I think I’m an Introvert” and they think its fine to joke around about it, as a person who is like that, I am not comfortable hearing those kinds of words because it is insulting, what is wrong with being like that? just think of it this way, introverts are better in analyzing, because we keep ourselves away from the society, we keep ourselves away from a cruel reality, not because we’re scared, but mainly because we are dealing the reality almost everyday and we know how it feels.

i have never felt ashamed of my situation, as an Introvert i was being judged everyday, everybody are being judged because of their own way of living, but you know what, life is about surviving, that is your own life, live by the way you are most comfortable of, because people who says words about you doesn’t give a damn, they are not you. in short, live life to the fullest, nobody is incharge of your happiness but you.



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