When the Hermit talks to Society

UntitledI haven’t felt so left out in my whole 21 years of existence. I was thinking about this last night and I couldn’t fathom the idea that my decisions in life aren’t the same as the decisions people my age have. This definitely sounds weird, but I am serious.

I am talking about the Society. The way People my age acts this days compared to the 21-years-old during the 70’s and the 80’s or even before those times. This Generation is truly different, from the fashion until the very latest trend, it is crazy! realizing something that is sad is a strange feeling, especially if you meant the Society. it used to be one of the greatest gifts of life, but why do I feel like id rather live in the forest with some other creatures and animals than living in a more comfortable life with humans?!

16 y/o kids feel damn ashamed to admit when they are still virgin or when you are on that age and you haven’t experienced to be in a relationship since birth, you are a loser! what is wrong with being a virgin?? what is so uncool about it? the “unexperienced”??? well let me tell you, you are only 16 years old, you may or may not be excelling in your class, you have already sold yourself to a kid the same age as you and you call it cool?? what is so cool about it? I don’t understand!! and also, when you haven’t had relationship since birth, technically you are also Uncool??! what the Freak is wrong with that? is it a sin to find a one-guy-stick-to-one-matured kind of relationship? its better to have one loyal relationship than having different kinds of random ones and feeling bad over and over again everytime you end it. it is much more depressing than being single for so long and just waiting for the right one.

when you are 21 y/o and you don’t want to go to clubs or parties because you are prioritizing work the next day and they will call you “old lady”. first of all, there is nothing wrong with being an OLD LADY, every women in this world are going to end up on that age of life anyways, so what are you complaining about??! besides, the more you drink, the more Sagginess and wrinkles you get, so, who’s the old lady now? huh? and is it bad to prioritize work? I personally respect all the women, especially the ones who would avoid or refuse drinking sessions with friends because of work. it is just an indication that you are a responsible citizen and that you’re boss deserves to have you. I don’t have anything against people who does drink, I don’t care honestly, but its just that, mind your own business, if the person doesn’t wanna drink, let it loose, don’t step too much, if you think drinking everytime is cool, then believe in yourself, just don’t complain when you get fired to work, or when you have too many laundries to do later that day, or the most painful, when you realized you spent too much money, AGAIN.

doing drugs and booze makes you Cool and not doing it makes you look boring. like when did this ever happen?? why would people this days have such crappy heads? (IM SORRY!) “cool” word makes me feel pissed right now, for real. I know drug users uses it to be away from the pain of reality for just a little bit of time, most users get addicted to it, that’s why they are sent to rehab, they get tantrums, and they tend to think of stuff that aren’t acceptable anymore, but to some people, they do Drugs because it is “COOL”, which part??? to see you hold the bong and a lighter and take a selfie would make you look cool?? when did that happened??


there is so much wrong in the society but there is also a lot of good things. every day of my life, I try to think and find the good things, but as I am watching the news, and reading articles online, It keeps on sinking in my mind how Falseness sometimes gets in throne which  Good things used to sit on and I feel sad about it. society dictates us, puts label on us when its not supposed to. We should be acting like our age, this generation is so messed up that fixing it seems like an impossible thing to do. it is getting worst and worst, but still people choses to be ignorant. this is the time that sometimes, I wish I live in the retro or classic era, it is much peaceful during those times, it is when people work hard for the future and the future ruins itself.


5 thoughts on “When the Hermit talks to Society

  1. Being socially acceptable is the main problem of today’s society. Me too, I’m wondering being drunk dancing and getting high is cool? I was never into those things. I’d rather stay at home drinking beer with truest friends.

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