Kitchen Confessions | Blank Space on Blank

I am terribly Blank this past few days. Did you ever had some days where your mind is just so blank and you just couldn’t think of anything,it is so blank!? Thats me when right now! Its crazy how brains work sometimes, but it only takes a little bit of focusing just like a camera lens when you are trying to point and shoot.

Its already August 14 here in the north of Canada, last night was my brothers Birthday Party and everybody was just having a good time. It was such a night worth remembering, we had Fire and food and drinks and talk. My cousins went to a Party last night but i decided to just stay, i am trying to avoid alcohol, i dont want to get saggy while im too young, its just not my thing anymore.

This article is too short!! My mind is just out of it. I am terrible today!! 



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