Mike and Dave needs More than just a Wedding Date! |Movie Review


If you have read or seen my Kitchen Confessions yesterday, you probably have idea that I am having a movie review today. it is kind of late posting this according to my schedule, but, oh well, it happens eh?

The Movie. what can I say? aah! *long pause* HOTROCKINGAWESOME!!!! I have never laughed that much in a movie for so long. Adam Sandler is a legend when it comes to comedies, this two, definitely equaled to an Adam Sandler. I don’t know what I am expecting when I was just sitting inside the cinema waiting for the movie to play, but I just didn’t see myself laughing so hard that time. if you haven’t seen this movie yet, I would give you a “GO” signal right now, at this very moment, right now!!!

And also, I would like to give love to Adam Devine for being such a great comedian, sorry, that’s not true, Smart Comedian I mean. Have you seen the Bloopers at the end?? that’s the Proof of how intelligent this whole thing is! I’m also tryna tell you that please stay at the very end until the bloopers, I don’t really say this everytime, but this is hell of a something!!!



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