Kitchen Confessions| In Pain!!



I am definitely in Pain since yesterday and today and feeling sick!

But this are not enough reasons to stop me with my Blog. *wink*

I have been receiving several emails about offers like ‘hey i called you with regards of your blog…’ Blah blah blah, but when i replied, they don’t respond!!! Like seriously guys, im reachin my hand out and you just not gonna grab me??

IM JUST KIDDING, im not really mad, but the story is true though. Its just that i think i deserve a reply because it has been days my friends and im really interested to collab or to write or anything that is blog related stuff, im down to it, so ask me, or ask me to ask you, if that make sense.

Anyways, i watched a movie today, about something that i really don’t want to talk about here right now because im gonna post a movie review of it tomorrow. I swear, this is going to be worth the read you guys, the movie was just insane and it is funny (literally, that’s all you are getting for now, lol). Then after the movies, we went to the pub, i didn’t had alcoholic beverage because i am trying to quit that thing and also because i am sick, i seriously have fever the afternoon before we went to the movies, im really not feeling good but the movie made my beat pumped up. When you go to the pub, and you order food, what do you get?? (COMMENT DOWN BELOW!) i always order wings, like plain fried wings and honey garlic dip on the side, its the bomb! Usually people would get nachos or pizza or any sandwiches, i dont, im inlove with honey garlic, like seriously just the sauce.

Now, im just in bed relaxing, still in pain, hoping that tomorrow it’ll be gone. So let’s be positive.


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