Random Questions Challenge (Day 2) | GUEST POST

Your current relationship or how single life is

And I’m just here singing ”All the single ladies, all the single ladies”. But I don’t even feel bad about that. I’ve spent days thinking and I came to realise that Β it’s important to be single every now and then. You get to know yourself, get better at what you do and you are free to do what ever without making up excuses or apologizing. Another big plus of being single is that if you want to lay in bed all day, you can totally do that without letting someone down. You can flirt, go out with your girlfriends, make mistakes. Who is there to judge or get hurt? NOBODY!! I don’t consider being in a relationship until September – I don’t want to waste my summer holidays trying to keep up with my boy/girl-friend. No no no, been there, done that! You could also check out my post ”Be single theory” on my blogΒ https://freespiritctw.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/be-single-theory/
5 pics of famous people that you find attractive
*Katherine Moaning
*Natasha Lyonne
*Channing Tatum
*John Corbett
*Jason Lewis
this is the 2nd day of my Collaboration with Nina. stay reading for the next article on Friday, again, with Nina.
follow her blog site at https://freespiritctw.wordpress.com/

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