what DORY actually Taught us…


Dory is a very easy example of having Short-term memory loss, easy for the kids to know and as well for some adults. But Dory didn’t just taught us how to “Keep Swimming”, she also made us realize one thing that was pretty much forgotten by the Youth…


Family is one of the best Blessings you could ever receive. No matter how chaos it is at home all the time, or how unorganized it is, it will always be your home, it will always be a safe place. You guys might be thinking “OK! what’s the whole point of this Article?! I don’t even know why im reading this!”, My Point is that, I feel bad looking at some Families who have everything, every single material things you can see online or at Home Depot, they have it, but they don’t even get their kids to respect them, while the families who have nothing, who only have a house and a plate to eat to, has the Best Smiles in their face all the time and they are thankful, because even without lots of plates they can still work it out. There is more better in Life than having the whole Home Depot merchandise, and only few can see that now and I feel bad about it because it is not how it supposed to be.


Just by looking at this picture makes me think that you will be you by the way your parents raised you. Dory raised by her Parents very well that even with Memory Loss, she was still able to remember Good things. Like, didn’t you notice? Dory mostly remembered the Good Part about her Parents. Now, let’s say your kid have short-term Memory Loss, and one day she was wandering around the city without your knowledge that she’s not there anymore and she couldn’t remember her way home? if she could remember a little bit and have a glimpse of her past, what good memory do you think she’ll remember about you as a Parent? (Don’t answer me nothing. puhleasse). Spend time with them as much as you can, you never know what will happen. And im not talking only about kids, I talk to every ages in general. 16 years old and up, doesn’t spend that much of time at home anymore, why do you think is that so? they find the outside world or the Public more safe or much better than Home. isn’t that sad?? (and then there goes Pokémon Go, geesh.) and some parents give them curfew which means they’re allowed to be outside until 12 midnight or so (mostly parents I know gives curfew until midnight) THAT IS CRAAZZY!! there’s a lot of things can happen from 6pm to 12am! in some Asian countries, your child should be at home Before 6!(well unless she’s in school or at work or she’s out with her friends which have the parents consent) like seriously? 12 midnight curfew for 16-year-old kid, NUTS.

jhfh.pngOn the Bright side, teach your kid how to be Dory, she’s confident despite of her flaws, she’s determined that everything happens for a reason (more like she can remember something for a reason) and that Bonding with your Family is a MUST. atleast we are lucky to have our parents who got our back all the time, we have them to guide us and protect us, just think about street children, kids who haven’t even seen their biological parents. you are lucky enough that you get to spend Christmas and new year and thanksgiving with them, spend time as much as you can because nothing last forever.




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