Last Letter from your Lover (Part 1) |Book Review







This are just one of the words spreading around my bubble head when im reading the book, Jojo Moyes bringing us back to the classic romantic era during the time of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, where fame and beauty is a standard and not a Label.

The book have 2 parts and i thought why not do a review in every parts this book have? I think it is more organized that way (well atleast my thoughts and words are). On the first few chapters, i would honestly tell you, it is Boring, like all i can think of is deep words flashing into my brain, and i don’t even pay attention to the events, but when i read something about the affair Jennifer Stirling is having with Anthony O’Hare while she’s married, that’s where my Interest fell. You’re probably be thinking “when did cheating sounds interesting?”, well, a person who is in a relationship wouldn’t be interested to other people if the REALationship actually works, unless one of you or both of you are douchebags then thats another story. Now, Back to the book, yes, this is not just a book about cheating or fleeing out with someone else while leaving your marriage behind, i would say it is all wrong, but jennifer stirling have reasons, she married the wrong guy, she messed up and she have to fix it, and thats where we start reading part two.

All in all, Jojo Moyes, again, never fails to make you feel hopeful that love is worth the wait. This book is definitely a must-read and a page-turner you can’t resist.





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