Dishes to try in BC |Food Explorer


if you wanted to exp0lore the old age side of Canada, I would suggest to go to Victoria, British Columbia. it is one of the greatest Cities I’ve ever been to in the country and I can’t get over it. we went there for a week, we went to a lot of places, there are some activities that we did that are fun and exciting, it is the city full of tourists from all over the world, it is seriously the classic old age side of the country.

When I was there, I came up to this idea of trying out different cuisines because when you’re in the city you have to try different things. this is what I am going to share for todays Blog Article, I thought of sharing it to you guys just in case I convince any of you to come visit Canada, haha.

IMG_5220.JPGYassa Au Poulet in Le Petit Dakar (African Cuisine)

this Cuisine is as yummy as it looks like in the picture. I don’t know how to describe the way it tastes, it’s just that its perfect, not too salty not too sweet its just in the middle kind of dish. it’s a chickenΒ breast marinated inΒ a special African herbs and cooked with onions and pepper. African cuisine are mostly Lamb and Chicken which is pretty much the same thing with Filipino Cuisine, but then I don’t eat lamb at all, so I would go with Chicken.

IMG_5259.JPGMeatball Keftethes in Millo’s (Greek Cuisine)

Its a Greek Meatballs Recipe with Tomato sauce I believe. if you search Keftethes in Google, it definitely doesn’t look like this, so I would say it’s probably the Owners Thing to put tomato Sauce and Cheese on top of it to Spice up the looks of the dish. when you eat it, it seriously feels like giant meatballs, I couldn’t even eat all of these! but a person like me who is a real fan of meatballs, I would give a total thumbs up to this.


Com Ga, Cha Gio (Vietnamese Cuisine)

you can’t go wrong with grilled chicken and Spring rolls when you go to a Vietnamese restaurant. maybe this is one of the Asian cuisines I haven’t tried but I’ve been longing to. but to be honest, one thing that I didn’t really like Is the way they wrapped the spring rolls, once you eat it, it just spreads all over, they didn’t wrap It tight, it ends up really messy. but the chicken, ugh, I don’t think grilled chicken is a bad option at all!


Ravioli with fresh basil at Pagliacci (Italian Cuisine)

like seriously, Italian?? Italian will disappoint you?? uhm, NOPE! I am such a great fan of Pastas of any kind, like no kidding, it is one of the greatest thing ever! so when I found out about this Italian restaurant one of my friends recommended, i knew, i wouldn’t regret it. from the presentation down to the taste, it feels like you are in ITALIA! i need somebody to take me to Italy, Please.


So i love eating. yeap, obviously i really do. i have been trying to avoid as much carbs as i could while on this trip, but i can’t do it, when you are going into a vacation, you don’t think of diet. haha. well atleast i don’t. i had fun during my trip, i honestly couldn’t stop thinking of going back there real soon.





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