Collaboration with co-blogger (Nina Grigoroudi)


I have been trying to zip my mouth about this and now that the right day has come, I can finally tell the story and let you guys know what I have been working lately! I have bumped into a co-blogger few weeks ago, one of her article just caught my eye (and I have forgot what it is, I get carried away easily.) i`ve read the whole thing and I said I like how this girl writes and I like her humor, so I messaged her and told her that I wanted to do a collab with her. So we both agreed to this 7-day Collaboration we are going to do which will start on August 8,2016 that’s Monday. we have worked hard for the articles that we have prepared for a week, it is not easy to do a collaboration but we, especially me, find it fun because you get to know a blogger from other country and its definitely worth it.

I just hope you guys would stay tune to this collaboration we are doing and hope you would like it. we have been thinking of this idea for days and we promise you its going to be worth the wait. 🙂


Check out my Friend`s Blog Site




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