I Love Beth Cooper | Movie vs. Book


“Did I just saw the book??!!”

it was year 2009 when the movie was released and its 2016 and I just watched it, I mean, whats wrong with it? haha. what I’ve read in the book was definitely what I watched in the Movie. There is no really other words to say how different the two are. maybe the only thing I like about books is that It is more detailed, from what the character was thinking to their breathing, I think its fantastic!! it was just sometimes im a little bit anxious of how the events turned out, same thing I felt when I was reading the book, like how much trouble they had on that night and how fun it is. it just turned into a good ole night for everybody.




its been so long since the last time I did Movie vs. Book and you know how much I like doing this but it does take time but I don’t mind at all. if there is anything you want me to do a review or something like this, just comment down below! πŸ™‚





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