Thoughts we Learned from Legally Blonde Movie


I was watching the original Legally Blonde last night and it was just amazing. I watched it a couple of times before that already, but for some weird reasons, I never get hooked up about it until last night. you know that feeling when you are talking to a boy and you never felt inlove until the 3rd time you went out for a walk, That’s exactly what it’s like! During the Movie, It came up to my senses thatΒ  we, especially me, should learn something from this movie, I know reese whitherspoon’s character is more than just a fictional character, I know they made it for a reason. so here I am now, writing a blog about thoughts on what I learned while watching Legally Blonde.


Kind Heartedness… Elle taught us that whatever your status in the society, none of those matter when you are in need because helping other people doesn’t depend on their level, it doesn’t depend on how much expensive they spend over shoes.

BE STRONG… it is never easy to say I GIVE UP, same thing when you are trying to keep up, although people that surrounds you was already letting you know that you will never succeed. here’s the thing about life, The Person who Lift you up, might have also the chance to put you down. Legally Blonde proved this Twice. on the Original Movie, the Law Teacher Helped her get into a Law Firm for Internship, but at the end, he’s just trying to hook up with her, but she never did. The second time was when she went to this Law Firm in Washington after got fired, the Lady who helped her there, whom she looks up to, was the one secretly stepping on her shoe to prevent her from rising when she dropped her support towards Bruisers Bill. but she was strong enough. enough to prove them all wrong.


Trust thy Self… you couldn’t be strong if you cant trust yourself. always believe in your instincts, they know better than you think. you can’t go on if you don’t know how to trust yourself. When Elle was defending a case of Brooke, that was her first case, she was thinking, she trusted herself, she never underestimated her belief that she’ll surpass all of it, then that’s the time she won the case. same thing in real life, you got nobody but yourself, believe in it.


Work Hard, extra Harder for your Dreams… they said it takes time before you succeed in life. FALSE. it takes Guts, Patience, Hard work and Extra Hardwork to get there. you don’t just sit there and wait for the time, you get your ass up and work for it. that’s how sometimes people think, we need to get rid of that mentality. you should work hard for something and the prize will be worth it, If you think it aint worth it, Let go.


Beauty and Brain… I really don’t need to explain this since it is something we obviously understand. what is Beauty without Brain? Elle is the true image of this saying. Her personality just hit it just right. she have this awesome balancing skills that she was able to be beautiful and intelligent at the same time, lets just admit, not all ladies can do this. I can sometimes forget I can think, my mind just stops working sometimes. and that’s how Miss Universe Pageants should be judge for, beauty and brain, not just who-have-the-best-body-in-the-world kind of competition. right?


Law… weren’t you suddenly just got interested in Politics and Law when you were watching this movie?? I did. I was reminiscing that time when I took units of political science during college days, for some reason it boosts me up to know about the legislation, (god! this movie is something) I felt delusional watching this movie, I feel like im one of the lawyers to, that everytime they talk o f a crime, im just listening and making sure I got the right scene in my head. CRAZYYY! to the aspiring soon to be lawyers out there, have you watched this movie Yet???!


Surprisingly, sometimes movies make you feel out of this world. I always wanted to feel that way, because that means that the movie is a good one, it hits you right in your face it means you get attached. I am not usually hooked into something, but when I do, I just can’t stop talking about it.



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