Kitchen Confessions | Upgrading the Blog


Happy 235 Followers to the Blog! its been clean 3 years since I’ve joined the blogging site and i have never regretted that i joined the industry. it is just a little number to some who already have thousands of followers but i don’t care i celebrate little things, just enough to say Thank You to the Bloggers who have followed me as well. Thank You for staying and being Loyal even though i haven’t posted anything for the last 4 months, there are just so much stuff happening into my life and that i lost my balance. but im back! and i have realized its worth, so i decided to do Blogging Full Time!!!

so just like the title of this blog, i have decided on the very deepest of me (IΒ have been thinking about this for weeks now!) that i am doing blogging full time and that the upgrading will happen when i reach 250 Followers!! so i am asking a little help from you guys to spread the news to atleast 15 people to follow my blog! lol. im just kidding, but it would be nice if you do *wink*.


there are lots of plans and ideas happening right now, but i am not gonna tell you about it yet, for the mean time lets just say i am having a HUGE GIVEAWAY to my lucky Bookworm Followers out there! i still have to deal with the planningΒ tho because as you guys know, i am moving out of the apartment and moving into a new house. so once i got all my stuffs settled in, expect forΒ a lot of Blogs, i mean, everyday blogs, and it is safe for me to tell you to WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF GIVEAWAY…soon!



i didn’t realize i have so much stuff to pack. like this blog and i will post an article about my adventure of moving out!!! Have a Good Life Everybody!!!

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