Camping Survival with the Filipinos

Filipinos are most definitely one of the happiest people existed in this world. we don’t sweat over small things. no matter how hard it is, we can still do things with a smile. lots of foreign people loves to go to the Philippines to explore, some Loves Filipino Foods, some Loves the Tradition, and some, just loves going back and forth in the country. there are Lots of Us around the World, seriously talking, wherever you go, there will always be Filipinos, even in the most remote town, you can find some. But have you ever been camping with a tribe of Filipinos?? Nope? i’ll take you.



if you love Filipino foods, I would recommend to you to go camping with the tribe. when we go camping for 3 days, we make sure that we bring food good for 7 days and if we go camping all together, we share each others food. like if you have dried meat, or uncooked chicken, or meat or pork, all you gotta do is say “hey, I have some uncooked but marinated meat at the back of my truck, I wonder what to do with it.?” believe me, 100%, Filipinos will always find a way to cook it even in the middle of the forest well that’s because we bring our own Pot and Pan, so you wont get hungry when you’re with us. and ofcourse! once to food are cooked, and everybody have put on the long table all the food they have cooked that we are going to share, we can’t miss a photo of it, so it’ll take another 30 minutes before everything gets done and then we can eat. it is fun, until you’re stomach is growling because it always has to have atleast 100 snaps of photos before you can start munching.


during our past time while on camping, we really don’t do anything but sleep and just talk outside or by the lake. but in our tribe, we play volleyball and basketball and many other more. we believe that camping is the right time to finally interact each other not through cellphone or any messengers, but personal interacting this time. so to spend a lot of time having fun, playing games just like the old days is a good idea.



who sleeps during camping?? NOBODY. maybe when you’re a little bit older, but to some others, if you have a cold beer and a guitar, that’s enough stuff to keep you awake throughout the entire time and it is also fun!! like seriously, who doesn’t like music at night with beer?? its just that this time, its Live and without auto tune. much better.


YEAP. if we decided to stay up all night, with music and cold beer, in the front of a hot campfire, do you expect us to be quiet?? ‘course not!!! who does that??! Filipinos never shut up, especially when everybody’s having a good time, and that’s a fact. we just love talking and laughing so much, even during midnight until sunrise. Other Filipino Campers that are already sleeping usually doesn’t mind, they understand, we came there to have fun, not to just sleep and eat and sleep and eat. being loud is not a sin, being aggressive is.



by the end of the day, by the end of everything, everybody may go, everything may disappear, but there will always be one thing that will stay, and that is memories. I’ve been loving to go camping with my Filipino Fambam (which consists of 100 probably.) because it just never fails to make me happy, all the time, there will always be something funny. some Filipinos in my town doesn’t really like going camping, but they still go there for a visit, which is still fun cos then they bring supper for us, so that’s extra foods. yum yum! Memories will stay forever as it is, nothing will change, people may, but not a single sheet of memory. that’s why I like sharing it to others, so that if one day, when im Old, and won’t be able to remember any of this, atleast I can have someone to tell me that “hey, you were once a pain in the butt butt when you were young…” a good laugh indeed!


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