Russell Bookstore Haul!!!


it has been few days now since I went to Victoria,BC for Holidays and still I am still living the image of its Nostalgic scenery, but as I was strolling around its streets I bumped into this very cool 2-storey bookstore and i am just fascinated of what to get. like, have you ever been to a bookstore and you just have a lot of choices that you get confuse which ones to get.?? that’s what exactly I feel EVERY SINGLE TIME. but now i will unveil the books that i got from this cool bookstore.


so i only got few because it sucks when you are travellingΒ  and still you don’t want to buy too much stuff.

*LOVELY BONES (ALICE SEBOLD) i have watched the movie (and i heard they are going to remake it. Not so Sure! but if this is true I’m excited!) and i loved it! the reason why i got it, is because i just wanted to know more about the story, and you know how sometimes they change or remove some scenes in the movies,Β  i hate that actually, but its fine!

*HOUSE OF SPIRITS AND WHISPERS (ANNIE WILDER) this one is True Story and yes, it is a Horror story about a Haunted House and a family bought it and not knowing about the dark side of it, pretty much like conjuring and i am definitely excited to talk about this in one of my book reviews soon!!

*I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER (LARRY DOYLE) I just finished reading this one and i don’t want to do book review about it right now not until i watched the movie and compare them both, because i believe that it has been so long since the last time i did Movie Vs. Book Review so, yeah, that’s one of my Plans being revealed for my Blog. haha.

*THE ELEMENT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GHOSTS AND HAUNTINGS (THERESA CHEUNG) Encyclopedias are asΒ awesome as novels but lets just admit it, sometimes it gets boring, so i really don’t read this as often as i do with my novels but we learn with encyclopedias especially if its the interesting one like the one i bought. yeap. hauntings are my thing lately. πŸ˜‰


I’m excited to do a book reviews sooner with this stuff. but aside from reviews, i can do so much more that i have already planned and all you guys just need to do is keep up and probably standby.

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