Youtubers who Inspires…

Youtube is one of the Famous Social Media sites in this generation and it is not just to entertain but also to inspire other people. Believe it or not, this people that im about to talk about will seriously change your life for the better, they might not aware of it but I’ve been Subscribed to this people for so long enough that watching their videos became a habit and inspiration to me.


THE TRAVIS FAMILY (itsjudyslife)

I don’t know how I end up watching this cute Family but I just Loved them to bits! (Especially the Kids!!) Judy and Benji are childhood sweethearts, they are bestfriends turned into lovers and as time goes by they started to build their own Family which is now consists of Julianna, Miya and Kiera. I watch them everyday since they do Vlogging, I even watch their videos while im in the shower because their Children are so “nakaka Gigil” (tagalog word means too cute).  This Family Inspires me to look forward and have a great family of my own in the near future just like theirs. it is not easy to handle 3 toddlers and rule the house all together at the same time, but they can. I love how Benji shares  healthy lifestyle with his kids, he was able to let them understand that Health is Wealth and that eating the right food is a must (not to mention the twins’ cravings for sweets sometimes). and to Judy, I love how she speaks a little bit of  Tagalog words in front of her kids like “Palo” and  “ay nako”, and that’s where the twins will get their “Attitude” someday. Benji and Judy have the loveliest blessings in their lives and whether they are exhausted or stressed, at the end of the day, the Bears will always be to the rescue.


CLAUDIA SULEWSKI (Claudia Sulewski)

well, talk about Beauty and Fashion, there will never be greater than the ever, Claudia. I have been watching her ever since she was still living in Chicago then she moved to California and im still here, watching her videos like nothing changes. Claudia have a very good eye on fashion and art, she’s great with how she dresses, with the way she projects herself to people, and also she is a good interior designer, she just doesn’t know that but I saw it on how the way she decorates her room, she is on point. she inspires me by the way she let herself out onto other people, she shares everything that happens to her life, she is careless in a way that she doesn’t mind what other people say, I never heard her fuss about bashers and negative comments in her channel and that’s one thing I know that she is definitely a brave lady.



Funny, Annoying, Different, Psycho, Cute, those are not even half of the words that people say to her everytime she uploads a new Miranda Sings video. But my oh my, there are Millions of People who believes in her Talent. who’s talent?. Colleen Ballinger-Evans, the woman behind Miranda Sings. Most people know who she really is, but still there are some that just don’t understand what she truly does. if only people would expand their way of thinking and try to look on the other side, they would see how lovely this person is and also her husband who is funny. I have been following them for so long, I heard about their love story for thousands of time and still im not tired hearing about it, I was watching the video when he proposed, even before when they were just Dating, I was there the whole time watching their videos, their relationship is so  inspiring,  I will never get tired of these two. They are just a Product of True Love and Happiness.


YOUSEF ERAKAT (DoseofFousey)

3 Million Subscribers. a lot of people was accusing him of being fake but they don’t understand how bad it is to struggle with Depression. He is one of the reasons why I am back on my daily work out. He inspires his subscribers (bruh bruhs) through his words of wisdom at the end of his every vlogs. I love how he is honest about how he felt and how open he is to other people, just like when he talks about his religion, I respect him and his insights and goals in his life, and because of someone’s lack of understanding and stating negative stuffs about him doesn’t help him to move up and that sucks to see. I know this guy have good intentions, he never stops saying how the best we are as a Family and he never fails to tell us Positive words everyday, just learn how to appreciate and prove to him that we are always here, supporting him, throughout his whole career and if you can’t do it, it’s sad to say that you are not eligible to be in the “Best Family on Youtube”.


CHRISTINA GRIMMIE (Christina Grimmie)

it is hard to forget a voice that you are used of hearing of. a beautiful voice sings when you are happy, sad, or stressed. how can you not remember her as an inspiration? it is a shame indeed to lose her in the industry but God have reasons why. in this world, nothing is permanent, everything will be taken away for sure, especially Life. it is hard not to admire her music, I have been subscribing to her channel since her “in Christ alone” Cover, since then I am obsessed with her channel that I don’t mind waiting weeks before she uploads another video, I am so dedicated that I supported her until she joined “The Voice”. it is hard to make yourself believe that we couldn’t hear more music from you, Christina. you are the greatest and you’re a Legend.


this youtubers that I have mentioned above are the ones that I have been following for so long and I just wanted to share my thoughts about them, on how they inspire me and hopefully would inspire my readers as well. none of this stuffs are Sponsored. Thank You!

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instagram: clarissegallardo

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