Kitchen Confessions | The Positivity

I feel so Positive today that as soon as i went home all i could think about is looking forward and just write something about it. How was your day?

My Day started with a trip to the Public Health to take some Pills that i badly needed to and that they wont let me bring it at home because they have trust issues, (Ofcourse, im just Kidding) well for some reason i have to go there twice a week for 9 months just to take my Meds. and ofcourse im okay about it because rules are rules, and then i went to sleep for 2 hours, got up with no water, so i have to find a way to be able for me to take a shower. so i went to my mom’s work, since she got good bathroom there and ask her if i could take a shower there, so that’s another problem solved, and then when i went to work, i came in with a veryΒ  busy crowded people in front of me, so that lasted for 5 hours, then im done working, i came home, checked the faucets and it does have Β water (FINALLY!) and went to my cousins barbecue party. i had so much Food that i feel like there is no place for water.

Geez. i need to change the title of this blog article into “water”, i just had so much adventure with water today. But anyways, i am home, and i am just looking forward for tomorrow, i know it is so going to be a good day because WE ARE GOING CAMPING!! i have been waiting for this time of the year.

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