Kitchen Confessions | Struggling


this past few days was really tiring. i have been running in and out, and i just don’t know how i handled it so far. the week is almost done and i just can’t for it. i will be going camping this weekend so i am hoping that my request for leave at work for 1 day will get apporoved. my week was just one of the normal weeks i get. roadtrips and food and sleep. I’ve been sleeping too much nowadays, like i would get up 30 minutes before going to work which is not the usual me, so i end up looking crap everytime i go to work because i don’t have time to do my make up.

i feel tired maybe because of the way my days just happens. my full time job includes doing inventories and talk to people, my part time job is about staying up late and just make yourself visible, then after work, you have to hang out with friends, because you don’t wanna miss out, so it pretty much lasts like the whole day, and i don’t get home until midnight. and I’ve been doing that since Monday, i don’t know how i handled it, but sick, i just did.

i hope your week is doing well so far, were almost at the very end, just hang on and all of these will be done and hard works will be just worth it.

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