Conjuring 2 (hoax??)|Movie Review

this is probably one of the movie review that I’d be doing without any featured picture. it’s crazy how this movie just makes you feel knocked. I don’t want to put any picture mainly because it is too scary to stare at and I won’t be able to write anything If I do so, and also just because of the reason that it scares me is enough. and yes, that’s the impact of this movie to me.

First of all, I just wanted to say Congratulations to the Director who never fails to amaze his viewers, James Wan, damn, you are so talented and smart I didn’t even know how you do it. it has been 2 days now since I’ve watched the movie and still the chills are still there. the story itself is definitely different, If they didn’t tell you that it is based on true events, I wouldn’t even think that it happens in real life. truly there will always be different stories and different labels.

CONJURING 1 or 2??

In terms of the story, the way it was being told, and the way it was being acted, I would go with Conjuring 2. the kid played as Janet, she was different, she is something beyond talented. like how can you explain to her that her character is this, and its paranormal, and its true story and that’s how it supposed to be and she got it like it is the actual thing happened? she’s only a kid! but don’t get me wrong, I love Conjuring 1. my mom likes it better, and the story is unique, it has this twisted story and bringing you back in 1800’s and I like those kinds. Making your viewers think is the perfect kind.

if you haven’t watched this movie yet, it is a must. I don’t know how you were able to sleep at night thinking you haven’t watch it yet, then after you watched it you wonder what in the world were you thinking because now that you have watched it, you couldn’t sleep because you’re too scared. oh damn. its just that they are good and they are definitely a must-seen real stories.


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