Solo at 21


21 is the age when people at their 40’s tell you that you are still too young and kids aged 10’s think you are old enough. We are in between, in the middle, sandwiched by age, and we usually don’t mind because that age is when we should go set our goals and be prepared for tomorrow. But nobody cares. they just whip their hairs back and forth as if what happens today doesn’t affect the Future.

21 is being legal to anywhere in this world, but we can’t afford to go for a trip. we can only afford a few drinks in a local pub and seeing the same faces from last night. Some people my age are having fun getting drunk and not thinking of what to have tomorrow, instead thinking about only today. I don’t. I am different. I think of today and tomorrow, I sometimes take a last peek of yesterday just to make sure that whatever bad I did wont happen again today or tomorrow or the day after that. I think extra something. I work harder than a usual 21-year-old, thinking that it would spare me from alcoholism and negative side of the generation. I was being invited into several house parties and beach parties but I’ve only chosen few to go to, i refused to come in most of them, simply because I never want to just drink and act like im having fun when im actually not.

People my Age doesn’t know how to have fun without drinking. can’t we just talk and laugh without getting sober? they don’t like guitar playing by the fire because loud wireless speakers are now on trend, they think its better that way, it’s terrible. if I’d say yes to the majority of the invitations, I would lose my mind. I am on old-groovy type of person, I don’t think trends today make any sense. I’d rather party with people 20 years older than me because they talk interesting stuff about life, not about their cat who dwelled with their neighbour’s massive dog one sunny afternoon, who cares?

at 21, some ladies are already being in love, and being crazy, hearts wounded, eyes drowned with tears and feelings of glee, some of them are torn and some of them are loved, but usually with the wrong ones. some have babies already, they don’t know what they got themselves into. some are searching for love, online, and how will you know they’re the right one? through the lies they wrote in their profile which you believed in this world full of hoaxs and fake accounts. why can’t we be classic? why can’t we do the things from the 50’s? this generation is too fucked up that reading a book in public feels like a shame, but reading it from your iPad is totally a better thing.

i don’t understand why. i couldn’t even explain it. where is the future leading us to? it is too scary to grow in this generation. is that why most of them just chose to be 21 and act like 15?  it is a blurry situation, vaguely and out of control. if you are turning 21, do whatever you want, be free. But just like the Greek Mythology said, “Be Wise, Not Bold…”


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