Victoria in a week.


Victoria is one of the best city you could ever been to. It is the Retired City Capital of Canada and there’s just lots of tourists here every year, especially during summer season. I have spent a lot of fortune going here and i really dont mind, well, you can for sure earn money if you have a decent job any time, but the memories and experience, it only comes not that often, so better grab as you can, and no kidding i never regret going in here!

Victoria is such an easy access place. Our hotel is in the heart of downtown so we pretty much just walk to the most historical sights, we walk to restaurants, to parks. And people that have been here, saying that if you go shopping here, it is expensive, dude, its not even as expensive as where i am from. I am way from the north and the business competitions there are not really tight so the prices just go up and up.

Whatever i did in this town will forever remain in my memories until i die, and victoria, expect me to invade you as much as i could from now on.

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