Neighbors 2 |Movie Review


I would like to ask just a minute of Silence, in the name of Zac Efron’s Hotness!!! like Seriously, this guy never ages! well atleast most of them in Hollywood does. I just can’t believe how I handled myself watching him for hours. but to tell you guys, this article is not about Zac’s six pack.

what can I say about this movie? well, I would say the storyboard is fantastic, the characters, the plot, not to mention selena gomez’ special participation is outstanding, bur if you’d ask me if I would be willing to see a Part 3 of this movie? NO. and if you ask me which one is good, the first one or this one, I would say the first one. Neighbors 1Β  satisfied me, what I’ve seen in the trailer and what I’ve expected from there is totally what I got as soon as I went out of the cinema, but with this one, there’s a little bit of “naaahh” reactionΒ for me. (now, this is pure opinion, please don’t make me feel awful).

ooh, I would like to shout out’s Dave Franco’s unexpected engagement proposal, everybody in the theaters was just simply at awe, like none of us have an idea.


P.S. this article is not sponsored.


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