it has been months and months ago since I’ve last posted, then I came back a week ago to post a book review. and I tell you guys, im sorry if I left you. some people keeps on sending me email with regards of my whereabouts asking how come I haven’t posted anything for months (Thank you guys for your Messages, truly appreciate your concern). the truth is that, I am busy, wordpress is not the only thing I am doing, and whether I really wanted to just focus on this, I really can’t. But, just like every promises, I always comeback with a bang, and now you will be seeing most of my posts!

moving on about the announcement (yes! being sorry is not the announcement), one of the reasons I haven’t really worked out with my blog is because I was kind of busy planning about Travelling. yes, you read it right, I am travelling to Victoria, British Columbia this coming Wednesday and I have been planning about the stuff we are gonna do there, stuff where we eat, and stuff that y’all wanna know and see about Victoria. I will try my very best to blog everything BUT the sure thing that you can get is that, you’ll be able to see the Videos of it on Youtube every single day for 1 week!!! Oh yeah! i’ll just put the link down below for every blog entry I do on that day, so make sure to subscribe on my Youtube channel too! andΒ it is like Vlogging and Blogging at the same time, (who does that?!) and im looking forward to more Travelling ideas and Travelling this year. so I will see you guys in Victoria, and for sure we’ll have fun!


P.S. my email is

instagram: clarissegallardo



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