Long Live, Christina


Last June 12,2016 Saturday, we have Lost her, the her who inspired me and millions of people just by looking at her gives me strength and reminds me that everything has its end but the music and the love will remain.

I was in First Year College when I first heard about her from my cousin. I couldn’t remember what cover song she did when I first watched her, all I know is that she had millions of viewers and followers on her account and there is no doubt about that because  she is definitely the best and her music is so captivating that you would turn your head when she starts to sing. she inspires me a lot in just one video which pushed me to make my own youtube account and start playing piano again. I watched her eversince, and I knew that she is going to be something someday. Years later I’ve found out that she joined ‘The Voice’ and I knew she would kill it and yeap, she never disappoints her followers, she’s a four-chair-turner. she didn’t win, but who cares? I mean, she proved a lot even if she didn’t joined the contest. i still followed her on youtube eventhough i kind of stopped watching her videos, just to get updated on whats happening to her life most especially to her music life. i have followed her throughout her music life just like the people who believed in her talent.

As a Fan, i don’t want to talk about anything with regards of her death. it is painful to know that the person you look up to when you feel terrible in music is gone. i have never met her personally, i don’t know her that much either, but i know her music, i know her as an entertainer and she never fails to make us feel happy and inspired. but i know, deep within, somewhere, you are here Christina, your music will remain, your memories and your love, you will always be an inspiration to us. i am happy to know that you are finally with Him, the  Creator. i try to think of the positive and i know just by thinking of you, the Music Lives on, forever. ❤ ❤



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