Room |Book or Movie?


I have no words to say about this book. it’s fascinating, its different and I just seriously don’t know what to say! the story goes along about the mom and son relationship, it is undeniably true that a mothers love is most especially the greatest gift she could give and this story made us realize that somehow all the best in this world is nothing once a mom’s love and care takes over.


-who am I to say no! the kid in the movie did a great job, sometimes I wonder how did this kid was able to portray a character that is so different from what a usual kid would play? most especially the kid is one of the main character there, he is not just playing and have fun as a character, but he is there to play as a kid who doesn’t have any idea about the outside world and a kid who doesn’t know about anything aside from whatever is in the room where he was born and grew up to.

the casts definitely made it, the emotionsΒ that I have while reading the book are the same emotions I have while watching the movie. that means something, something positive!




Love your Mom and be thankful for what she’d done, yes, even the smallest things!


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