Online Haul 2016!


Im the kind of person that when i think of something that i need to buy, i always check online first, whether if its available in-store so i could just pick it up, but sometimes, it dont end as what i thought it would be. I end up putting them in my cart, check out, pay, and wait for them to arrive 2-3 weeks from now. Its not easy to wait, its not easy to choose the right fit, but when you see the perfect design, what worst can happen, right?

Lately, i have been obsessed with shopping online, not just for clothes but also with make-ups, and there is only one store i go to, whenever i feel the need of buying.




First, i have this skinny Denim from Old Navy. I love the faded look of this jeans, it is comfortable and very lightweight. I like the idea that it is kind of lose and not that too tight, this could be better also if its ripped style.


Slacks? Why not? This is comfortable to wear too, its also from Old Navy. I love the details that it have, i can wear it at work too.


I love this Denim jacket! I’ve been wanting to have one since then, good thing Old Navy has the perfect one for me, i love the details on its pocket, it is just so comfortable too!



This 3/4s blouse is comfortable! It just fits me right and im actually wearing a black bra underneath, i though it would be visible if i wear the blouse but it didn’t. I love how it looks so summer to me, it looks careless.


On the make up part, i have this bronzer from sephora on the shade of Costa Rica. I love how it looks natural to me and lightweight. Not to mention that it smells good too!



This is my first time trying tarte products, and i have found this set of 4 lipsticks for a very cheap price. Its not the normal size of lipstick, its really tiny, BUT, it is very wise idea tho cos it is like a travel sized lipstick, its awesome.

With the shades it has *Bellini *Mimosa *Punch and *Sangria.


This Blog is NOT SPONSORED, everything that i posted on this blog is my own purchases.

All of my Clothing Purchases are from Old Navy because they are the good brand and i just like buying stuffs from them, they are so affordable and they just don’t disappoint you, so keep it up Old Navy! Ahaha. And also, check out my latest post on my blog, and keep in touch with me thru email,

Thanks for the support!





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