Sisters! |Movie Review


Everytime i watch movies like this, it always makes me wonder how it feels like to have a sister. I have a brother, but its totally different from having a female living with you, a younger or older sister whom you can go hang out with, a sister who is fully aware about your love life, and a sister who drags you down the stairs because you snore so loud.

This movie is everything, it lets you see the positive and the negative side of having one. The different kinds of sisters relationships awes me everytime, and this one, just portrays the “Normal” sister relationship. Truly, having a sister is will always have the “yes” side and the “No” side, im impressed how this movie showed both sides in just a little time, i just wish that this movie will have its Part 2. it gave me a little bit of realization of growing old with a sibling too, not just for a sister but also to a brother, that no matter what happens, life is short, so live well, make a difference, and party hard while you still can.


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