My Dating Online Experience!


This is the start of my 2016 and yes, i want to talk about Dating… Online! This generation is mainly all about Technology and all the single ladies out there, raise your hands up if you tried lots of Dating sites, im raising mine! I’ve tried tinder, and i’ve tried plenty of fish and lots more, im actually still in one of those, but not that active anymore. This time, i’ll be talking more about my experiences, my very own experiences on dating online and talking to this people, how i cope with the distance and how everything turned into nothing.

When i was in College a lot of my dorm mates uses “Omegle” and it is exciting and fun most especially when you are bored, and by bored i mean you just dont feel like doing anything, i want to clear this out because when you’re talking to somebody and you say you are bored, they put different meaning to it. When there are times that i get bored i always go there and talk to random people, when you go to omegle you have choices whether to turn on your Camera or not, i do turn on my camera most of the time, but when im using my phone, i dont. I’ve talked to lots of guys from different places like italy, france, south america and mexico. The best thing about omegle is that you can choose which country your chat mate you want to be from and i always choose the Europe cities because mostly hot guys are from there! But the only thing that i don’t like about omegle is that there is too much sex stories, like 99% of the time, people just go there to talk about Sex and be horny and stuff, which i don’t like because, damn, i went there to talk about life,experiences, funny things, and sex is not my kind of thing right now. Then as i met lots of people in omegle, i learned about “Kik” and “Snapchat”. That is where i keep in touch with the people i meet online, but most of the time, the conversation is Boring without Naughty conversations. Always.

I have been emotionally attached to one of the guys talked to before. He is from italy and we only talked thru skype. He is so nice and he looks hot, i would admit that. He is not that good in english but i try to understand him, one time, i let him talk in italian, so everytime he typed something in italian, i always google translate it. It was a lot of fun before, we even video chat a lot, i remember i was working and he messaged me that he wants to see me and i loved that feeling, that feeling when you know that for once somebody loved you again. But we ended pretty much soon. We never talked that much anymore because of work. He works in the navy and he barely go online, so i have to adjust my time, and my schedule and stuff. Its hard at first. Its hard for me to accept that i have to end this because its leading us to nowhere, and i just dont want to waste my time over something that i know is not giving me any benefits. I love the times when we talk, i love the laughing we had and the cute things he says but sometimes, you gotta learn how to let go in order for you to go further. It hurts. But im healing.


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