New Years Resolution



2015 has brought so much happiness and sadness at the same time in my life and i have never regret anything because it left so much lessons to me and i am never ever gonna trade it with anything. Now that we are finally stepping into 2016 lets get some few things straightened up and make our resolutions.

I am not that kind of person that does resolution every year ‘cos 1.)you can always make resolution anytime anyways, so why rush? And 2.) ok, lets be real here, mostly resolutions just dont happen at all! But they say new year is new life, so im trying to change my life phase here and i want you to be my witness! I made few resolutions for myself and i want to share it to you guys, not because i want to brag or something (well you cant brag about something if it didn’t happen yet, right?) but because i know this is one of the steps i need to do to fulfill the changes that i need.



I used to go to the gym a lot before and i even workout lots at home before summer, but when summer came in, i told myself that why not stop for a bit, but i didn’t realize that “a bit” would turn out into an 8-month Stop, so now, all i wanted is to go back to what i used to do before, be fit and healthy and hopefully when summer 2016 comes, im not stopping at all.



I challenged myself to read 15 books for the whole year last 2015 and ofcourse, it didn’t happen. I only read 10 books last year and thats because i have been really lazy and i have been a little bit busy between my work and my schooling, so yeahh! Hopefully this 2016 i would be able to achieve it! And expect more book reviews as well!



Sadly, for the few months last year, i have stopped posting blogs and it made me feel sad a lot, and im kind of disappointed to myself too because i feel like i have abandoned my followers and my site. So this year, i’ll try my very best to put enough attention to this site for my followers to read. I actually have lots of ideas and drafts that i already made last year, but i wasn’t able to proofread then post it because the time i have between my work and my schooling was just too much that i have been feeling lazy at all.



The thing about 2015 is that i depend so much more to other people, there are some part of my life where i would just depend on others over just simple things. That’s the thing i want to fix this 2016, i wanted to define myself in my own way, i should look forward positively more because how can i go on positively if im not even in the right way.


This 2016, let’s all act differently in a positive way, in a way where in the end you’ll feel more thankful for the results, it is the kind of joy that you give to yourself at the end. It is so good to feel fulfillment when you achieved something, and this resolutions, i know this will make my life more easier, that is, if im not being Lazy again and depend it for the next coming years of my life.


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