Paper Towns Book vs. Movie Review


So! Lets talk about Paper Towns! What is Paper Towns to you? For me, it is something i don’t understand why it exist but it does. I get confuse for some reason i dont know why! But in quentin and margo’s case, it is something they both know too well, thats why quentin was able to find margo, well, with the help of pseudovisions and omnictionary and/or “I Spy” games! Anyways, i am here to talk about the difference between the book and the movie, what are the difference and what did you missed if you didn’t read the book? Im gonna tell you what it is if you keep on reading til the next paragraph.


The story in the book is much more different from the movie, or vice versa in a way that it is depressing, Depressing than the way they kind of changed the story in ‘the fault in our star’. I watched the movie first before reading the book and i would say there are almost a lot of scenes that was in the book but wasn’t in the movie. The beginning and the ending are just the same, but the book doesn’t contain just the front and back cover, it has the middle pages too, and what happened to that? I couldn’t remember seeing it in the movie. Im telling you guys, it’s more fun reading than watching paper towns, or maybe just read, and just don’t watch the movie if you got anxiety and stuff like that.

Well, atleast there are some Lines that was actually used in the movie. Thumbs up!


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