The Visit |Movie Review


As the halloween come across this week, here’s a little treat from me to you!

Its been few days now since i watched this movie and i would say this is one of the most epic horror movie ever. Why? Well, 2 reasons:

First, i like how the story ended. The twist made me feel that shiver-like feeling. I liked how the story goes at the very start when you thought it was already the climax but there’s still one more at the very near-end, it’s a mind twisting story!

Second, i love how the characters handled well the story. In a movie, it is always important to show the viewers how much effort you have given to be that character and they played it well.

I think this is the first movie i saw that the 2 psychos are the Grandparents, that is, if im not mistaken. Kudos to the people who is behind the story, the screenplay, producers, the directors, i don’t usually shoutout when it comes to talking about the movie, but this one, i would say is really worth the watch!

You know if its a great movie if i do shoutouts!


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