Kitchen Confessions |Midnight Monster


it’s 11:47pm here, close to midnight, but im not sleepy yet! well, I had a little nap at around 7:30 pm til 10, got up to take a bath and have my tea, and then BOOM, can’t go back to sleep! I seriously just wanna roll in my bed and have a dream by now, but my brain just doesn’t cooperate. I think its the tea that made me energized a little bit or is it the short nap? and to add a little twist to what im feeling, guys, I’ve been craving every night few hours after dinner (kind of like a midnight snack) JUNK FOODS! it’s uncontrollable! like, where did this “feeling” came from? I’ve been having that craving feeling since the thanksgiving party. i don’t know, it’s been 3 nights in a row now that I’ve been craving in the middle of the night.

i read an article last night about this sleep apnea, its like a disorder, but im pretty sure it’s not what im having right now, the symptoms doesn’t match any of what im feeling or having, but anyways, on the very last paragraph, it stated there that if you crave few hours after dinner, might as well try to sleep early, but don’t sleep after you eat dinner but few hours after the dinner. well, I’ve been tryin’ to do that but, no such luck for me.

oh well, i just gonna go try my best again guys, since i have work tomorrow and it’s gonna be a busy weekend. i’ll catch you guys later and have a nice day! or have a goodnight too! haha.

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