Shopping Haul |Fall Edition


A Promise is a Promise! Since i promised to you on my previous blog that i’ll be showing to you my Latest Shopping haul. As you guys know, shopping is one of my ways in easing stress (it is kind of dramatic to hear, but im really not that stressed) and being inside the shopping malls makes me feel excited, maybe not just me but also some of the girls here! So the last time i had a shopping haul was last year, that’s when i was in edmonton last year for Thanksgiving. But this time, it is really not a huge haul, since i was trying to keep my budget low, coz you gotta save money for future too, right? And guys! Take note, the stuffs i bought only cost me $350 (i don’t have receipt to show you cos i lost it! Im bad in keeping receipts, really!)


So i have this lee rider long sleeve top. I’ve been searching for this one for ages! I have a long sleeve top too, similar to this, but its green. I so love this long sleeve top, especially now that its fall and winter soon. And this isΒ the closer look of the top.



I bought a “to-go cup” too because the other day, i was searching for one for my tea for work, and i found NOTHING! So i was strolling around wallmart and i saw this one, i so love the color, its burgundy-ish and its thermos guys, so it should pretty much stay long! Unless i’ll lost it again.


This is an external hard drive, you can save your files, pictures, videos etc in here so that whatever happens to your computer or if you save files and you dont have that handy USB drive, you can totally just bring this one. It’s super handy too because its slim and super light to carry! Also, its burgundy, loving the color of it! It has 1tb (terabyte) of memory, so i would say this thing can store so much information than my brain could right now.


Us Girls can’t forget this wherever we go! But, compared to my shopping haul last year, i bought lots last year, i was panic buying for some reason i dont know! So as i’ve said i was trying to cut down a little bit lower my budget and just bought the things i REALLY need. So, i need Mascarra, so obviously you only buy from the best ones, so i bought Maybelline. I’ve never used neither of this two before, but i’ve tried the “Push up Drama” yesterday and damn, i wasn’t disappointed! So we should try the mega plush soon, and i’ll tell you how it goes! Moving forward, i bought two lipsticks too! I thinks this are new ones, i dont really know, but as soon as i bought them, i tried ’em and it’s fantastic! You guys need to buy this! Like it is one of your must-haves! So i got two shades the “my-my magenta” and the “plum please”. And also, before i forgot, this two are retractable, and on the other end, it has smudger which i super love the idea! Gawwd! This lipsticks are so smart!


I bought leggings too! As you guys know, i don’t really wear jeans or jogging pants, i wear only one thing, Leggings(i wear jeans too, but not really that much and also i own bunch of them, so don’t think i wear them repeatedly without washing!) i bought 3 colors, blue, black, and ofcourse, color of the year, burgundy!


Books! Ofcourse! I couldn’t really forget that! I bought paper towns and Room which are both Movies now. Im so excited to do a book review of this two as soon as i finish them.


Last but not the least, the shoes! Its a g:21 brand, i’ve been looking for one of this for ages! I was trying to order one from Forever21 but they don’t ship to my place no more, which i dont know why. But anyways, this shoes Rocks! It’s a Lacy kind of shoes so it’s cool and i think you call it “flatform”? Im not so sure, but yeah! Im so excited to wear them! (im so pissed!)

Uhm, to all you guys asking, i used my own money in buying this things, i’ve been buying my own stuffs since i started working, cos you can’t really depend on your parents in like Forever! So if you could, try to be independent guys!


Check out my Kitchen Confessions article about thanksgiving and also stay tune for more blog Posts this week!

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