Kitchen Confessions |Thanksgiving Day!


Hey whats up canada and to the whole world?! So yes! It is Thanksgiving day here in Canada and ofcourse there will always be Turkey and Ham on our tables. First things first, Thanksgiving is about saying thank you for all the things you have this year, and celebrating the good times. It is my 2nd year spending Thanksgiving here in canada, but it is my first time spending it with my Parents and my Brother cos last year i was in Edmonton with my Cousins. I would say both times are memorable to me.

Since my life started, i was just thankful for everything that happened to me whether it is Bad or Good, there is a reason behind it, i know. God would never let me have a better life without the struggle, and it wouldn’t make sense if its all just the good ones, so let’s be thankful for the bad side too. I have a good job that i have never foreseen myself few years before that i would work in a place like that, but still a blessing to me, a Family that always understands my loudness, my craziness, my grumpiness, mostly everything that i am and also to my Followers who patiently understands my Laziness in posting blogs (i know i have a really bad habit in posting it on time, but hey, i might change), and for your concerns everytime i feel bad with whatever is happening to me, 225 followers, it is just a number to you, a LITTLE NUMBER for some, but for me, it is already a HUGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE who are very understandable and supportive in every corny, non sense, funny, blogs i post and i am deeply honored to have you guys in my Blog life. I know i have goal this year, to have 300 followers, but hey, a goal is just a measurement of what you can achieve, and if you couldn’t, it doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just simply means that this is not the right time yet to have that, so lets just patiently wait for the perfect time and just be thankful and feel contented of what we are having instead.


Stay tune for my Shopping Haul on my next blog!

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