P.S. I still Love you |Book Review


I totally forgot how it is to be single in every time i open this book and reads it. There is something about this book that gives me this different feeling, it’s like unknown, and i really don’t know what it is but it feels amazing. But in the other side, i don’t know what im expecting on this book but whatever it is i didn’t achieve it, im not saying im disappointed or something like that but whatever im looking for, i didn’t found it. Anyways, the characters in this 2nd book is growing up, they act and sounds differently. But the story revolved around the love triangle so i just wanna talk about the difference…

Peter Kavinsky

-He is such a cutie! He never fails to make Lara Jean feeling Pretty everytime they’re together, but i just don’t like it whenever she’s with genevieve. I don’t like the part where he is always with gen and it seems like he just forgets lara jean just in a click. Which is a big No-No sometimes for boys because Girls deserves attention from their boyfriends, thats why other girls feel insecure with themselves because it looks like they cant impress their boyfriends.

John McClaren

-He’s a Newbie. I bet he is Hot! In some scenes or parts of the stories, i noticed that he was there everytime Peter is not around which is a Big Yes because he gives so much attention and effort for Lara, but ofcourse, nobody can beat the effort that peter put into during the 1st book when he have to pretend to be lara jean’s boyfriend. But in the 2nd book, i think John deserves Lara Jean much better.


The Ending was quite fair!


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