KItchen Confessions | Cosmo Mag: BANNED?!!


3:20 in the afternoon, i just got out from shower and i got home an hour ago from the Hospital. Nothing bad happened to me or to anyone, i just have to bring my dad to the hospital because he was having dry cough and he’s having a hard time sleeping too, so that bothers me and my mom a lot! Anyways, i didn’t write this blog because of it, there’s something i wanna talk about that i found out not too long ago because i think it’s ridiculous.

So i was at work the other day and there was this 3 sheets of paper laying in the counter, it has pictures in it of COSMO Mag, and i vaguely remembers the title of it, i think it is something like “Cosmo is Out”, so it freaks me out! I couldn’t imagine social life without it. I read the whole article, and it says there that they’ll gonna ban the Magazine in some cities in the U.S. Because they think its PORNOGRAPHIC!! Well, since were talking about PORN here, why don’t you Ban Playboy? FHM? Im pretty sure they are more Sexier Magazine than COSMO, and hello???! I read my Horoscope there, you can’t just tell me to read it in a newspaper or something, i know Cosmo Horoscope works for me better! This is so non sense, i mean, wheres porn there?? The sex positions they talk about? Oh wow! Guess what?! Im pretty sure you enjoyed reading it too whoever tries to ban it is just a Kill Joy who doesn’t have sex life at all! And also they said that the Front Cover is always too revealing like you see Demi’s issue, and Nicki Minaj’s Issue, or Lauren Conrad’s issue which is the latest and i don’t see anything wrong with it! I don’t know what these people see but im pretty sure they’re just making an appeal that is non sense just to let the world know that Stupids just got Stupider.

In the article, it says there too that they interviewed some mothers about how would they react to it if the stores sell them and their kids, lets say 8-year-old kid sees that “too revealing” magazine, and all of them doesn’t mind, they actually think it is helpful for those kids, because kids nowadays are being conscious of their surroundings which is good. One of the moms actually said that is nice to have something like that because Grade 5 students are having Sex Education now, because whether you believe it or not, 15-year-old kids nowadays does sex, and they should know that Condoms Exist! Yes i said, CONDOMS AND SEX IN THIS BLOG!

(What is your reaction to this Topic? And why do you think its stupid?!)


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