Kitchen Confessions | Left Unsaid

As you guys noticed, i was out for past few days. I don’t know how to explain this since i was sick and still i am. I have never posted anything on my Blog Site because i felt like there is nothing going on in my brain, like i can’t think of something although i do list the topics and the plans but its just that i can’t talk about it.

Few of my followers emailed me last week, and i really Appreciate your Concern guys. The Truth is i have Leg injury on my Left side and my Hips hurt so bad plus im sick too so i am really upset of whats happening in my body. I am just feeling so strong and i’d never had this kind of injury before. It’s like a Blister but its much bigger than the regular blister that we get and there is something inside it that causes so much pain everytime i move my leg. So the whole time i was just reading books, watching movies and i feel like my Brain is not working at all. I still have the injury but its in the process of healing, Finally! I actually got back to my Job last Monday so its a good sign.

I went to the doctor last week with regards of this blister that im having and im glad that this kind of “Thing” is normal and there is nothing wrong with me. I hysterically thinking of it as a disease few days before i went to the doctor, coz it looks gross and there’s a yellowish thingy coming out and its been bleeding. But the doctor said that the heat from your body causes it. When the heat from your body can’t go throughout your skin, most possibly is they will retain in the first layer of your skin and form a Blister-like Bruise which forms inside and it is painful when you move it.

So im happy that i finally slowly recovering from it!


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