When Somebody has your Phone! -_-


Have you ever been in a situation where you’re friend is like “Can i Borrow your phone? Mine’s dead and i just need to text my Mom”??? This is one of the things i don’t want to hear from my friends, it’s not that im being selfish, it’s not just about me being not a true friend, but there are some stupid things that sometimes your friends does, like rummaging some things in your Phone which is not supposed to be what they’re doin’ just like…

1.)Checking out your Photo Gallery

i got Billions and Billions and Photos in their, i got picture of my feet, picture of my pimples, picture of all the gross things, and they make fun out of it! It’s killing me softly!

2.)Reading Your Messages

I never really take time of reading your messages when im borrowing your phone, so why are you checking mine??! This kind of person actually exist guys, let me tell you, they will just ask for your phone, but they’re actually checking out your Messages, reading your boyfriends conversations, or your parents conversations or your other friends’ conversations. Like really men??! Can’t you just read your own messages??

3.)Make Fun of your Wallpaper

From time to time, i change my wallpaper because this is how i roll. I mean, im that kind of person that gets bored and just changes everything on my phone, i even “inverted” the color of my phone so it turned Black, like totally Black. So if i change my wallpaper into a Pig or my Face, you’re not suppose to laugh because thats how it supposed to be. And sometimes other people will be like “i don’t like people who put their selfies as their Wallpaper” and im like “Nigga, you didn’t help me put out this wallpaper in my phone, and you didn’t even realize how much effort i put into this selfie, so you don’t have the right to tell me what is wallpaper worthy and what is not”

4.)Checking out your Newly-Founded Apps

Ok, seriously guys?? This is beyond every flaws you have. Really?! Why can’t people just go to their own App Store and check out whats new?? Why do you always have to check my phone to find out what is in it? Its unforgiveable guys, better not do this, or if you do, better stop it.

5.) Going to your Browser History

Whatever i do with my social life, that is my own and personal issues. So stay away from my Browser History! Ok, let’s not lie about this, but admit it, You watch porn, WE watch Porn. So why does every single freaking time it is in my Browser History, you always laugh like it’s a funny sin and it is embarassing?? Well let me tell you, it’s not! And im pretty sure you does this things too, maybe everyday but i don’t know and i don’t care, its a Human Thing, i think it’s a Right to watch whatever that is suitable to my age, Our Age!

OK! This things up here, if you’re doing that everytime you borrow somebody’s phone, well let me tell you this, just a friend to friend advice, stop doing it. It’s not Healthy. You can ruin ones friendship if you keep on doing that just because you think its funny. Try out some new things, like PRIVACY.

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